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(January 1 - 31, 2005)
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January 31, 2005
This Day in Boxing History Jan 31 Martin Mulcahey
Polo Punches Holes In Scott’s Guard & Credentials MaxBoxing
Dougie's MASSIVE Monday Mail Bag D.Fischer
Gatti out guns Leija, Ouma out works Jantuah Benny Henderson Jr
Harrison and Polo battle to a draw Gavin MacLeod
“Baby Doll” Takes Out Williams in 5 David Avila
Oscar De La Hoya bites hand that fed him Dp
Spinks Follows Dad Into Ring Dp
Nearing Made-for-tv Deal With Mike Tyson Dp
Education, boxing go hand in hand for Alexander STL
Rubin Williams to fight for IBF crown DF Press
Gatti-Leija Photogallery-Results Rick Scharmberg
Christian Christensen has passed away Ap
Gatti handles Leija; Mayweather is next PG
Chi stays on course for Harrison BBC
Mundine seen to be in a no-win situation SHM
Glenn can do it like Sinky: Breen Belfast
OPBF fights announced FNews
Talkin' Boxing with Angelo Dundee Part II BI
Q&A: Sharmba Mitchell FNews
Oscar De La Hoya bites hand that fed him NY Post
Spinks Follows Dad Into Ring AZ Central
Nearing Made-for-tv Deal With Tyson SA Express
Gatti Flattens Leija With A Flurry In The 5th Dp
Toney Eyes Ruiz Match-up Dp
Gatti Sets Up Mayweather Superfight Dp
Holyfield Pulls No Punches In Support Of Amateur Dp
Browne Loses On Points To Korean Dp
January 29, 2005
This Day in Boxing History Jan 29 Martin Mulcahey
Boxing’s Pop Life Angel Rodriguez
Trainer Makelin confident of Browne win over Chi Anthony Cocks
Top 10 Pound for Pound best in each division DHB
Rahman, Klitschko likely on for May 7 Dp
There's no counting out Gatti Dp
Scott Does The Splits Dp
Harrison to give Polo second chance Dp
Larry Holmes Visits Boxers; Calls Out Foreman Dp
There's no place like home for Gatti Dp
Trinidad-Wright set to duel after dealing in $$ Dp
Mundine's Fight Night Transfers To Queensland Dp
Julio Diaz Gets Fight With Jose Luis Castillo Dp
There's no place like home for Gatti CDN
Talks ongoing to bring Golota-Brewster here CA
Harrison to give Polo second chance ic Wales
Larry Holmes Visits Boxers; Calls Out Foreman Desert Sun
Farhood Previews Gatti vs Leija BI
Gatti Focused NY Post
Ouma-Jantuah Analysis G-Web
Rahman, Klitschko likely on for May 7 B.Sun
A lot is on line for Gatti, Leija Boston Globe
Mundine's Fight night transfers to Queensland SMH
Julio Diaz Gets Fight With Jose Luis Castillo Dessert Sun
Trinidad-Wright Set To Duel After Dealing In Green Sun Sentinel
Greenberg & Codrington stay unbeaten SO
Critics give 'Baby' a one-two punch CC Times
There's no counting out Gatti NY
Fana blossoms at SA Boxing awards SA
Scott does the Splits Daily Record
January 28, 2005
This Day in Boxing History Jan 28 Martin Mulcahey
For Leija, 'Thunder' finally strikes Jason Probst
Scott Shows A Brave Heart James McDonnell
Felix 'Tito' Trindad vs. 'Winky' Wright set May 14 MaxB
Aguiniga looks to bring 'Gym Rep' to the ring MB
Harrison v Polo: No easy steps to the top! Gavin MacLeod
Roy Jones Jr. & Hopkins at Foreman Bash R.Scott
McClarnon gets warning Belfast
McGirt expect Jesse James to bring it SO
Gatti makes people want to watch boxing Courier-Post
Eastwood fought for Boxing flick FLA Ledger
Ouma Takes On Jantuah in All-Africa VOA
Mundine fight ban a disgrace, says father SMH
Swank Nearly Sidelined by Foot Infection FL
All the top UK Boxing News Sun UK
King chooses Memphis for Brewster-Golota Buffalo
Hamed Comeback Draws Warren Scorn Sporting
Hamed Confirms return Mark Stanifoth
Maloney: Fans Snub May Force Harrison Into Exile Daily Record
Barry McGuigan on Harrison-Polo Sky
Victor Vows To Hammer Harrison Daily Record
'Raging Bull' Premieres, At Last Fox
Tszyu Views Gatti Dp
Witherspoon Improves by Degrees Washington
This Dad (Zab's dad) approves of sons fighting Ny
"You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet"; Arnaoutis TalkingBoxing
Gatti focuses on Leija, not Mayweather Trae Thompson
Scoops & Interesting Stories BI
Mayol stakes OPBF crown versus Indon INQ7
Soccer star to enter boxing ring News AU
Talkin' Boxing with Kassim Ouma BI
Broadway Boxing In NYC Tonight; DiBella/Dash BI
Dirrells begin pro careers with 2 easy wins MI
Manny will beat Erik, says Piñol Sun Star
Officials call off Mundine farce Australia
Hatton stays up late for Tszyu Gaurdian
Clay-bey Returns To Old Routine CT Now
The "N," Word Arum, & Sins Of Sulaiman RingTalk
Naseem Hamed plans comeback fight in Middle East Mirror Uk
McCain Takes Another Swing at Boxing B.Cable
Marciano Lesson Should Be Heeded By Lennox Lewis SportingLife
Wright moving up; is Lewis returning? Rob Morales
Amir Kahn: Ali My Hero Asain News
Scott Harrison Hangs On To Title After A Draw Ap
January 27, 2005
This Day in Boxing History Jan 27 Martin Mulcahey
When The ‘Bling’ Meets Ring: Dash & DiBella MB
"Baby Doll" Reid Headlines all-Female Card Sat. MB
Interview Oakey targets Calzaghe showdown Ben Carey
Jones leaves the door open for Moore Martyn Elliot
Scar Tissue Part 4: Imposters unmasked Jess E.Trail
Oscar De La Hoya Not Done Promoting His Career SA Express
Witherspoon shatters boxing stereotype SFGate
Champ: Leija no challenge SA Exp
Gwazela's vacant titles Dispatch
Mum's still the word for Lennox Lewis Daily News
Leija needs more than toughness to beat Gatti Robert Morales
O'Kane's out to end Irish reign of Lee Belfast
Senator Wants Boxing Gloves on Chickens K City
Vazquez targets Tapia Ralph Gonzalez
St. Louis provides record support of Spinks STL
Tszyu to face Hatton in Manchester (And Naz News) CNN
Pongsaklek set to defend FNews
Cuts, Bleeding and Scoring FNews
Holmes Lines Up One Last Fight - Against Foreman NZ Herald
Getting in the ring IL
Emile Griffith documentary hits its mark TCPalm
Navarro baffled by tale of tape OCR
'The Toy Bulldog' who cocked a fist at Al Capone UK
Fighters took exciting paths to showdown El Paso
Wounded Soldier leaves impression on Lejia KSat
Sam Rukundo in the ring today The Monitor
Naz is back Sheffield Today
Matt Skelton Handed Word Title Fight Bedford
January 26, 2005
This Day in Boxing History Jan 26 Martin Mulcahey
Ouma escaped foes tougher than Jantuah, eg: Death Michael Woods
Must read: British are Coming: Howard Eastman Thomas Gerbasi
Book Review: Bummy Davis vs. Murder Inc. Peter Chhim
Morales vs. Pacquiao: Can It Be Worth The Hype? Jocelyn Saurini
Mike Tyson With Beauty Queens Again! Dog.HB
Floyd Mayweather & Bernard Hopkins: a difference of opinion Rob Scott
Mayweather, Cat N' Mouser Aborted BraggingRightsCorner
Baby Bull must lose Diapers Braggingrightscorner
Kenny Perrault's Quick Hits BraggingRightsCorner
Flippin' Out On The Philippine Boxing Scene Jason S.C. Aniel, RingTalk
Talking Boxing's Spotlight Buster Paris
Interview with Zab Judah & Cory Spinks DogB
Fernando Vargas: "A Ferocious Fight Night" (Info.) DHB
US amateur standout Matt Remillard signed by CES DHB
Spinks-Judah heats up further with Beck-Barrett DHB
DiBella adding big Dash of spice NY Daily
Ric Ponce has big chance Las Cruces Sun-News
Jack Johnson Letter Offered in Auction Reuters
Ouma making the most out of America Philly
Jack Johnson's Life: Not as simple as b/w NY Daily
The Talk in Boxing Evening Standard
Scandalous skater Tonya Harding... Boston Globe
Ghost Spooks Featherweight Champs S.O.
Family Is The Foundation For Zab Judah STL Post
Lennox Lewis's Mum Ko's His Plan For Comeback! Mirror
Buddy Mcgirt Doesn't Want To His Son Slam-dunked TCPalm
Gatti - Leija undercard hard to overlook G-Web
Gatti gunning for Jesse James, then Mayweather SO
Smart Money Is On A Kassim Ouma Victory New Vision
Gatti wants to be Boss NY Post
Thunder fit Gatti Buster Paris,
Mike Tyson Super Punch Out is Officialy Back! DoghouseBoxing
Judah-Spinks free-for-all FNews
Anthony Mundine loses $75,000 out of pocket Advertiser
Don King tells Kostya Tszyu to get Heavy
Rooster: Gamecock boxing plan proposed S.Herald
Prince Naseem Hamed claims he's returning to Boxing Sun Mirror
January 25, 2005
This Day in Boxing History Jan 25 Martin Mulcahey
British Boxing In 05: Boom Or Bust J. McDonnell
The Roy Syndrome Brian Adams
1 Down, and a Career to Go, Witherspoon MaxB
Hopkins - Eastman fight Break down Andrew Mullinder
Calvin Brock & Clifford Etienne post fight interviews Benny Henderson Jr
It Was About Getting "That N-Word" King R.Talk
Sweet science promoter is back LA TIMES
Ricardo Williams now faces jail time Philly
Mayweather wins in small ring Press MI
Jamie Arthur surgery shock This Is Uk
Fernando Vargas Fight Update CC Times
Scott Harrison speaks on Big Fight contract Echo
Jamie Arthur vows to beat cut problems BBC
January 24, 2005
This Day in Boxing History Jan 24 Martin Mulcahey
Dougie's MASSIVE Monday Mail Bag D. Fischer
Lewis Denies Comeback MaxBoxing
Julio Diaz: The Road Back & A Bright Future MB
Eastman vows to KO Bernard Hopkins in 5 rounds Ben Carey
Juan Diaz & Billy Irwin Post fight Interviews Benny Henderson Jr.
Yory Boy Campas-Top Rank Scandal & Weekly Wrap Cliff Rold
Fighters Shine in Regional Finals David Avila
Floyd Mayweather Jr.... Damn That Kid Can Fight! Jeff Mayweather
Interview Cory Spinks Coyote Duran
New Fight Channel Takes Aim at Fans FightNetwork
Boxing makes comeback at Tropicana NJ
Amir Khan: I'll go one better Sun Uk
Prevost takes win on pro boxing card LA
Talkin' Boxing with Angelo Dundee Part 1 BI
Browne gets tips from Johnny Lewis before bout AU
Now boxers join the blazer brigade SA
Vladimir Klitschko Next Fight is in Germany Russian Info
Floyd Mayweather Thoughts, more BI
Kostya Tszyu reckons Tennis Star a KO Herald Sun
Tszyu garners respect from peers AZ
Punch Line for Mayweather Miami
Henry Cooper Backs Lennox Lewis Sporting Life
Oleg Maskaev KOs Navarre FNews
Tapia report/gallery FNews
Q&A: Oscar Suarez FNews
Andre `Stone' Purlett hammering deal with King STR
Pacquiao-Morales coverage pre-production Sun Star
Big payday on the line for Gatti Joe Maxse
Danny Williams On Lennox Lewis's Return Liverpool Echo
January 23, 2005
This Day in Boxing History Jan 23 Martin Mulcahey
Lennox Lewis to Return? MaxBoxing
Tapia Returns with Split Decision Win MaxBoxing
Maccarinelli & Haye Keep British Cruisers on Top Max
Lennox Lewis set for comeback to Fight Klitschko Dog
‘Nigerian Nightmare’ haunts Diaz: Oh yeah Mayweather Benny Henderson
Diaz & Brock secure Texas sized victory Benny Henderson Jr.
Easy Night For Mayweather In Miami MaxBoxing
Regan Dominates Campas MaxBoxing
Picking a fight vs devastation (Gary Shaw) Tx
Samuel Peter At The Inaugural Brawl TB
'Pretty Boy' Floyd Mayweather Continues to Depress TB
Perception, Reality & Floyd Mayweather TalkingBoxing
Poll: Should Lennox Fight Again? (Plus Article) Dp
Mayweather: Family Business Sun Sentinel
Mayweather Jr. remains an enigma Palm Beach
Mesi wants to box despite... AP
Tszyu The Ultimate Fight On Floyd's Hit List MLive
Marvin Hagler Backs Enzo To Be Hit In USA Wales
Joe Calzaghe Rocked By Theft Wales on Sunday
Lewis Should Never Fight Again Scotsman
Attorney enjoys boxing's rewards CJO
Mayweather still unbeaten SFGate
Rahman in line to get title shot LVRJ
Odds Don’t Worry Morales Philstar
Shannon Briggs Ordered To Pay $2m For Brawl Ap
Fernando Vargas May Be Next For Eric Regan Dp
Don King All Loved up at Trump Wedding Dog
`I'm done,' says Irwin after taking beating Toronto
Fernando Vargas May Be Next For Eric Regan SacBee
Home win is important for Scott Harrison Steve Bunce
Miami remains special to Bob Arum Sun Sentinel
Scott Harrison: Tasty Polo Times Online
Tszyu Looks For Beautiful Fight Vs Hatton (& P4 P) Manchester
Amir is offered £2m carrot to turn pro Independent
January 22, 2005
This Day in Boxing History Jan 22 Martin Mulcahey
Mayweather's an Inspiration, But... Jason Probst
"Baby Bull" Gores Irwin; Brock Stops Rhino MaxB
Estrada Stops Chris Smith Stephen Tobey
“Mighty” Marc Thompson Looking for repeat MB
UK Prospects Update Martyn Elliot, DHB
Maccarinelli massacres LaMontagne in 4: Review Ben Carey
Haye breezes past Delaney: show report Iain Dolan
Regan Dominates Campas DHB
Corrales partly to blame for career-threatening blow LVRJ
Corrales fight nixed Kevin Iole, LVRJ
Mcdonagh's Fight W Holyfield Was A Suicide Mission Belfast Telegraph
10 years on, Tszyu still has plenty in tank Sun Herald
Regan uses his height in defeat of Campas SacBee
Siaca pulls out of Mundine bout Australian
Rubin Williams' career hinges on win-win situation DFP
Eastman confident of upset SportingLife
Lucas not interested in facing Vanderpool Cp
Mesi submits records AP
Rukundo to fight Briton The Monitor
Diaz retains lightweight crown BBC
Ali Baba fails to capture title GhanaWeb
Jaco dominates Howard FNews
Tapia weigh-in FNews
Eastman baits Hopkins Sport Guardian UK
January 21, 2005
This Day in Boxing History Jan 21 Martin Mulcahey
Diaz Makes the Grade Sean Stowell
Yanqui Diaz Loves Being The Underdog Armando Alvarez
Shelby Walker: Not just another pretty face Benny Henderson Jr
Robin Reid; I beat Calzaghe in the 1st fight … Spud Woollat
Pre-Weekend Notebook & Fights RingTalk
Team Aquino challenges Hopkins Benny Henderson
Michael Brodie Wants Scott Harrison Daily Record
Calzaghe cool on Kessler match-up BBC
Boxing tonight in Princes Town Trinidad Expr
Fight Night has new leader Jay Heater
Campas will fight Regan in Oroville SacBee
Fight Night Round 2, screenshots galore JoyStick
(Buddy McGirt) student steps into the big ring Ap
Wright-Trinidad back on target BBC
Bernard Hopkins Wrestles With His Demons BBC
Jack Johnson's punch still resonates Boston
Haye Starts Path To Maccarinelli Steve Bunce, Sport Independent
Khan’t wait Salford UK
A bout time as GEARD Ajetovic gets opponent Liverpool ECHO
Losses no crisis for Guilty Kevin Iole, LVRJ
Wright to step up to fight Trinidad Kevin Iole, LVRJ
Hatton aims for world domination BBC
Pacquiao gets recognition from BBC Manilla
Boxing, TV & Corporate Sponsors FNews
O'Rourke fight to keep Lee Belfast Telegraph
Baldomir out of Margarito fight MaxBoxing
We'd love Tapia vs. Archuleta, title or not Alberquerque
Boxing Doctor Helps ID Tsunami Victims CT
Chase Shields captures non-title win over fill-in Jenkins TX
Mayweather's real fight is outside ring GR.Press
Jaco going for first belt FNews
Hitz: From Fighter to Promoter FNews
Pacman-Morales: May the best man wins Freeman
Morales will take on tough fighter Az
David Haye's heavy-wait ic Networks
January 20, 2005
This Day in Boxing History Jan 20 Martin Mulcahey
“Black Rhino” Aiming to Gore Brock Jason Probst
Chris Smith: The Entertainer Thomas Gerbasi
Hopkins Leads Middleweights Back to L.A. MB
Maccarinelli takes the model approach Daniel Heath
Scar Tissue Part 3: Liston vs Foreman Jess E. Trail
Boxing group delays 'Black Book' decision LVRJ
Pound-for-pound World rankings BBC
Pound-for- Pound Best In British Rankings BBC
Johnny Tapia as personable as always Monitor
Enzo Macca's Xmas Fare To Cost His Foe BBC
Confident Hopkins Warns Eastman BBC
Liebling in the limelight TN
Shields fights tonight to gain respect tomorrow TX
Extra Incentive For Eastman Sporting
Peden back home for title fight APP
Mayweather should cruise this weekend El Paso
Aguiniga headlines Jan. 28 card in Oxnard VC
Ring time again at County Center Ny
Time precious for promoters Robert Morales
Boxing, & memories, return to County Center Ny
Racism of Jack Johnson's time lingers... MN
Hopkins warns Eastman Sporting
Ricky Hatton's Rumble Manchester
Friday Night is all Right for Boxing BoxingInsider
Sturm Wants a Taste of Puerto Rico B.S.
Hopkins - Eastman: I've Got Know-how Mirror UK
Flippin' Out On The Philippine Boxing Scene Jason Aniel
Diaz hits books, then Opponents USA Today
Pacquiao a big hit in Mexico Manila Times
Lawsuits filed in Mike Tyson - Lennox Lewis Melee NY Daily
Oleg Maskaev Returns Saturday FNews
The Return of Tapia FNews
Promoter Stevenson keeps busy FNews
Emmanuel Augustus returns FNews
Longer the better for Enzo Sky Sports
Enzo still wants Nelson Sky
Etienne returns to ring vs. unbeaten Brock Advocate
Tonya Harding too much for Delco's darling PA
Killing trial for ex-boxer Shropshirestar
January 19, 2005
This Day in Boxing History Jan 19 Martin Mulcahey
Golden Boy's First Staples Show Starts with Hopkins-Eastman Doug Fischer
Duva: Samuel Peter Will Make People Forget Klitschko And Byrd MaxB
Interview John "Buster" Keeton Spud Woollatt
Diaz-Irwin & Brock-Etienne light up Texas skies Benny Henderson Jr
David Haye learns to walk instead of trying to run Ben Carey
Poll: Herbie Hide Vs Frank Bruno: Who wins? Dp
Boxing officials recall tragic time in Thailand Merc
Amir Khan returns to ring Manchester
Tonya Harding's match is tonight Philly
Alan Minter's Nephew Accused Of Assault UK
Symonds Confident Of Beating Minter This Is London
"Big and the Bad" Features Maskaev-Navarre TB
TB.COM's Prospect of the Year Returns Feb18th TB
"Nigerian Nightmare" Battles Diaz On Mayweather undercard TB
'Baby Bull' Diaz Defends WBA Title On Friday TB
A First Time For Everything: A Telefutura Experience TB
Model Pro Rich Has Big Respect For Enzo UK
Pacquiao visits the lion’s den Manila Times
Bernard Hopkins All Business For Upcoming Fight LA Daily
Mixed View On Tua Rival NZ Herald
January 18, 2005
This Day in Boxing History Jan 18 Martin Mulcahey
Santos Looking for Mayorga in March MaxBoxing
Million Dollar Baby Brian Adams
Boxing, your future is here: Meet the Chin Checkers Thomas Gerbasi
Interview Rocket Lockett desperate for career lift-off Ben Carey
Interview: Bernard Dunne... Returns Home Spud Woollatt
Mike Tyson: What will be? Benny Henderson Jr.
Max Kellerman's 3 Top Heavyweight Of All Time GalvNews
Joe Calzaghe looks at Danish title option ic Wales
Glen Johnson wants to help local boxing Jamaicaobserver
Don King looking at HSBC for card Buffalo
Mindra for Ouma Fight All Africa
Eastman: I'll be tougher than Hopkins' Oscar night Mirror Uk
Tonya Harding reflects on boxing & skating S.Jose
Fixed WBC Title Fight Becomes Clearer RingTalk
California Commission Hoodwinked Again R.Talk
Schedule, Odds, & Predictions RingTalk
"24-Karat" Weekend Report RingTalk
Magee made Froch mandatory Doghouse Boxing
Arroyo eyes ringside seat at Manny’s fight Manila
“The Ghost” is a holy terror Ralph Gonzalez
Juan Diaz: student/champion FNews
Petkovic, Arslan make weigh FNews
Titles Dropped From Hopkins - Eastman Contest Sporting Life
Brian Magee Rejects Froch Fight Offer BBC
Hatton: Tszyu Fight Will Lift British Game Sky Sport
Ike Quartey Earns Azumah Praise GhanaWeb
Golota could fight for a title at Buffalo's HSBC D&C
Erik Morales vs Manny Pacquiao: Explosive USA T
Promoter Gary Shaw moved by tsunami aftermath Philly
January 17, 2005
This Day in Boxing History Jan 17 Martin Mulcahey
Doug Fischer's Massive Monday Mail Bag Fischer
Update: Vazquez Denies Marquez' Claims German Villasenor
Erin Toughill: Damsel of Destruction B. Henderson
Affable Ouma not looking past Jantuah Jess E. Trail
Interview: Richard Williams targets British title, but in which division? Ben Carey
Ike Quartey scores win in return Doghouse
Keistutis Kantruss, boxing champion Philly
50 Cent Make Over for Mike Tyson's old Pad Doghouse
High Time Tyson Got The Message: Count Himself Out John Rawling
Laila Ali's Next Opponent Named Ap
Tyson working out in Florida Az Central
Fana dropped to number 2 IOL
Griffith v Paret: a fight the wiinner would like to forget NY Times
Dave Boy McAuley is furious at Barney Eastwood Sunday Life Uk
4 gyms in boxing gala Gambia
Duddy Takes On Gonzalez In Big Apple Belfast Telegraph
King $2.5 billion worth of angry CP Dealer
Ken Burns Offer round with Jack Johnson CT
Michael Hunter defends title Hartlepool
Dunne guns for O'Hara Belfast
Vintage footage of vintage fights NewsDay
Trenton’s Bo Lattimer eyes pro debut later this year Bwire
Mindra to attend Ouma Jan bout New Vision
Hatton - Tszyu Title Bout Update ic Liverpool
Kostya Tszyu shows he's handy with another kind of hook Illawarra Mercury
Juan Diaz in Peak Form F-World
Pacman 'will Win' Sun Star
Jack Johnson's bout ahead of its time Az Central
Polo aims to upset Harrison fans BBC
Q&A: Henry Bruseles FNews
Ebo Elder to get title shot FNews
Is Billy Irwin a live underdog? FNews
Erik Morales hunting big game LA Daily
Gary Shaw recaps visit to South Asia F-World
Jack Johnson: Battles in Black & White T.Blade
WBC medical chief to assist tsunami victims B.Post
Amir set for Fundraiser at Reebok Sunday Mirror
January 16, 2005
This Day in Boxing History Jan 16 Martin Mulcahey
The British are coming: Enzo Maccarinelli T.Gerbasi
LaMontagne Still Chasing The Dream S.Tobey
Cooper Lands First Pro Title David Avila
Scar Tissue Part 2: Larry Holmes vs Joe Frazier Jess E. Trail
Henry Bruseles: The Sacrificial Lamb for Miguel Cotto Jeff Mayweather
McGirt: Tyson training hard! Lisa Scott, FNews
Juan Diaz: Not your typical Champ Courier Journal
Feud breaking Don King's granddaugther's heart NY Daily
Mac sets sights on world glory ic Wales
Jack Johnson: Ahead of his time Mercury
Fists to fly furiously in Pacquiao-Morales fight K. Iole
Mayweather's Biggest Risk Is His Outside Actions G.Press
Halmich, Gomez, Schenk: sucessfull start Universum
HBO Poll Predicts Pacquiao Win Manilla
Jack Johnson's painful tale Washington DC
Chris Eubank bike auction bidding ends BBC
Medgoen shows 6 of the best to ... Bangkok Post
Joe Calzaghe hits back at the critics BBC
Trenton’s Lattimer eyes pro debut later this year Zw
Veeraphol gains new status through WBC B. Post
Unbeaten Miyagi halts Park FNews
Bobby Ferrara: Ref has seen it all TC Palm
Eileen punches her way to history Ireland
Frank Warren Fights To Hook Title Boxing Time Online
Paul Flynn still fighting his corner Independant UK
Samuel L Jackson misses pals Wedding for Boxing By
Good fight for floored community beyond ring Uk
Regan faces tough foe after long layoff SacBee
Boxing Notes Trae Thompson
Police Arrest Riddick Bowe Jr. News 14
January 15, 2005
This Day in Boxing History Jan 15 Martin Mulcahey
Tszyu-Hatton A Fight From The Old School Probst
Marquez threatens to Sue to get out of Contract MB
David Tus is back... Ahmed Salem
Promoter's greed could pull plug on Corrales-Castillo LVRJ
Bernard Hopkins jail rape fear Sun Uk
'Million Dollar Baby' Wins USC Award Washington
Jack Johnson: A knockout subject Philly
Pinoys scrambling for Pacquiao tickets Philstar
Bernard Hopkins Needs A Taste Of Honey Mirror Uk
Bernard Hopkins Hits 40, Finish Lies Within Reach Baltimore Sun
Injury forces Cook to cancel bout BBC
January 14, 2005
This Day in Boxing History Jan 14 Martin Mulcahey
Marquez Close To Signing Vazquez Fight MaxB
''The Kidd'' defends title February 11 MaxB
Book Review: My Father’s Fighter by Ronald Fried MB
TalkingBoxing with Zab Judah TalkingBoxing
Is 2005 the breakthrough year for UK boxing? Gavin Macleod
Scar Tissue Part 1: Louis vs. Ali ( & Top 5 Heavies) Jess E. Trail
Weighing in: David Tua is coming back, but can he fulfill his potential? Peter Chhimm
Interview with Miguel "Macho" Hernandez TalkingB
Contracts Signed, Eastman vs Hopkins Feb.19 TB
Cintron out vrs Martinez, Hand needs surgery TB
A 24 Karat Look At Unforgiveable Blackness RingTalk
Mike Tyson Begins Training At Buddy Mcgirt's TCPalm
Can "Pretty Boy" be the next Goldne Boy? F-W
Dunne planning to Cook up European title glory Belfast
6 bouts slated for Agua Caliente tonight Dessert Sun
Alex Arthur vs Craig Docherty is On! Scotsman
Vegas bookmakers pick Pacquiao to win Inq7
Tequila the reason Hector Camacho fell Sun herald
Interview w/ Wayne McCullough BI
Zab Judah- Cory Spinks Preview BI
Get to know James Toney BI
Praise for Tua choice of apartment Nz City
Quartey Steps Back Into The Ring Tonight Graphic
Roman Greenburg Tops The Bill U.Tv
Goossen, FSN in multifight dea FNews
Q&A: Miguel Hernadez FNews
Hadeed now deputy chairman of Board Trinidad
Jo-el Scott Found Guilty Of Murder Capital News 9
Juan Diaz is a young with schoolwork, curfew.., Ap
Jack Johnson battled in ring and out Sun Times
Yanqui Diaz on the Come Up BS
2005, Tyson, Lewis, Calzaghe, more Steve Farhood
PacMan’s battle plan Manilla
Pacquiao to sell 'war' in Mexico Inq7
Pacquiao should take his time ABS-CBN
January 13, 2005
This Day in Boxing History Jan 13 Martin Mulcahey
MUST READ: Pedro schools Gay Peon (part II) RingTalk
Jamie Foxx wants to play Mike Tyson role DHB
Ring's Pound for Pound Best & Division Ratings Ring Magazine
David Tua Returns March 31
Melinda Cooper tackles Zamarron for title D.Avila
A Trainer's corner BraggingRightsCorner
Interview with Anthony Mundine & Video Boxing AU
Gatti-Leija, Ouma-Jantuah bring the goods to Atlantic City Aaron Imholte
Great read: The story of boxing trainer Larry Kern Big Dog Benny Henderson Jr
Interview with Glen Johnson's Trainer Orlando Cuellar Chris Robinson
Johnny Tapia calling Las Cruces home K.Sun
Jurors see 2 views of defendant (Holyfield related) Rn
Chrisjon hires Aussie trainer Jakarta Post
Fight Night Round 2: Fact or Fiction IGN
Ike Quartey ignores Tito Trinidad's 3 Million Dollar offer GNA
Burns Tries To Ko Boxing Conspiracy KC News
Haye to face Delaney B.Central
WBF to hold convention in the Philippines B.Central
Tszyu Discusses Fight in England TalkingBoxing
8 Count Features Talent at Aragon Rumble TB
Fans support Diaz-Irwin with strong ticket sales TB
US Bronze Medallist Dirrell Debuts January 27th TB
Valcarcel in Costa Rica FNews
Don King: It's about justice FNews
Anatomy of Pacquiao-Morales FNews
Roach on Manny's 'big' fight FNews
David Haye Steps Up Ring Rehabilitation BBC
Enzo Maccarinelli Fired Up To Face Rich Lamontagne BBC
John Thaxton Fumes At No 6 Ranking EveningNews24
Pacquiao, Morales vow to wage war Philstar
Next fight will tell a lot about Johnny Tapia El Paso
Joe Mesi Update Bufallo News
Eastman risks all for Hopkins title fight Steve Bunce
'Baby Jake' buys into Branco Daily News
Call It A Superfight: Pacquiao Vs Morales ABS-CBN
Update on Jo-el Scott's Murder trial 1010 Wins
January 12, 2005
This Day in Boxing History Jan 12 Martin Mulcahey
15 Fighters poised to win Titles in '05 - Or Not Doug Fischer
Toney should wait til the cast is off to Talk Trash M.Woods
DoghouseBoxing speaks with Frank Maloney Spud Woollatt
Team Harrison in buoyant mood ahead of Polo clash Gavin Macleod
Hector Camacho Denies Drug Charges DogHouse
Who Qualifies for the Hall Of Fame RingTalk
Meet boxing star Amir Khan BBC
Hector Camacho Sr. apologizes for arrest GA
Viva Las Vegas, says Fenech SMH
Lennox Lewis vs Vitali Klitschko in November? & Frank Maloney News ThisIsLondon Uk
Ali friend Hirschfeld kills himself in jail Sun Times
It’s Bazooka Time Again GhanaWeb
Rowland relishes prime fight Grand Rapids
Mayweather-Bruseles analysis FNews
Danny Williams looks for March return ESPN Star
Martin Lindsay Returns, Wants Fast Track Belfast
Frank Maloney Ready To Chide Barrera Sporting Life Uk
Scott Harrison's Training Backed By Dad Sporting Life Uk
Don King sues for a hair raising $2.5 billion Ap
January 11, 2005
This Day in Boxing History Jan 11 Martin Mulcahey
Pedro issues a Challenge to Gay Peon RingTalk
Wayne Alexander issues warning to Moore Ben Carey
Three heavyweights who need to step it up in '05 Aaron Imholte
Joel Scott Trial Begins DoghouseBoxing
Tyszu vs Hatton finally signed Darren Yates
Pacquiao &. Morales together in public Tomorrow DHB
Gary Shaw shaken by Thailand sights Sptimes
Vinny Paz loses driver's license in plea deal CNN
Duran To Train Mike Tyson Dp
Jack Johnson: a timeline Boston Globe
Another round with Jack Johnson Boston
Gwazela awaits verdict on doping Dispatch
Boxing movies with female fighters Az Central
Police quiz Nyakaana New Vision
Tarver: "I Will Stop Glen Johnson" BS
Critics Gaga for Clint's "Baby" E Online
Eastman Lands Bernard Hopkins Title Fight BBC
Spadafora Pleads Guilty Post Gazette
David Estrada on road again Miami Herald
Hatton-Tszyu will happen - Frank Warren BBC
'Baby Jake' joins Branco News24
Ramos Vows to Silence Galagata AllAfrica
Scott Harrison Secures 'super-fight' Contract Scotsman
Calzaghe Withdraws from defense SportingLife
POLL: Most Impressive Comeback? Tszyu or Trinidad Dp
15 Fighters Poised to Win World Titles in '05 - Or Not MB
Probst’s Manic Mailbag MaxBoxing
Unforgivable Blackness: Jack Johnson: Review CDN
Fight Fixer Mittleman Gets Suspended Minus Cash BI
Pacquiao May Earn $1.75 M Vs Morales Manilla
In Rusty’s Corner - Newfield, Notes, more BI
Glen Johnson: My Fighter of the Year BI
Williams avoids Shoulder surgery S.Out
Marvelous Marvin Hagler Will Visit Liverpool Liverpool Echo
January 10, 2005
This Day in Boxing History Jan 10 Martin Mulcahey
2005 Looks Promising for Boxing Fans Tom Dickey
'El Terrible' to Tackle 'the Pac Man' on March 19th MaxBoxing
Interview with The Fighting Irishman John Duddy Benny Henderson Jr.
Matolcsi stabbed outside Budapest nightclub Slam
The didn't come tougher than Tony Galento Bill Kelly
Don Fraser did it all for boxing S.B. Sun
Moya comes back to defend crown Web Mid day
I'll Make A Mess Of Enzo - Lamontagne Sky
Experts reject new boxing vest Geelong
Tyson still in talk with Duran as trainer Tyson Talk
Exclusive Look At Navarro-Kawashima Ring Talk
Monday Morning Madness & Reality Ring Talk
Bobby Pacquiao slated for Paprakov Rakiat Sun Star
Boxing ref enjoying his film debut SacBee
Don King takes on Golota as project Chicago Tribune
Tszyu wanted Gatti S.Out
Early fight may Kostya some sleep Age
Molefe tipped for new boxing award Sun Times
Warren Furious As Tszyu Jumps Gun On Hatton Fight Guardian UK
January 9, 2005
This Day in Boxing History Jan 09 Martin Mulcahey
5 heavyweight fights for 2005 Armando Alvarez
Ken Burns and Jack Johnson USNews
HBO pres seeks heavyweight unification tourney LVRJ
Killing boxing is as easy as WBC, WBA, WBO UK
How bling-bling took over the ring Gaurdian UK
Board's rap for McGavock leaves a sour taste Belfast
Greatness eludes Mayweather Jr. LVRJ
New year, same WBC Boston Herald
Sneak preview of main events SA Express
Winky's Lawyer Describes Scene In Thailand Fla
Jack Johnson: True Legend Az
Victims Discuss Mess Allegedly Left By Camacho WLOX-TV
Harrison 'risks Barrera pay-day' with Polo bout Scotsman
Escobedo points to Feb. 19 pro debut on Golden Boy ... SacBee
Holyfield 'discovers' Sri Lanka AAP
This fighter turned life's ring into a gem STL Today
Ladies' gloves in style LA Times
Ricky Hatton's moment of truth BBC
A boxing drama KOs competition Yahoo
January 8, 2005
This Day in Boxing History Jan 08 Martin Mulcahey
Hall Of Fame Voters Must Just Say ‘No’ K.Iole
Zarate Still Missing; Zamora Offers Help MaxB
Book Review: The Sweet Science, by A.J. Liebling Peter Chhim
Robert 'The Ghost' Guerrero & Andre Ward on TV DHB
Talking Boxing with MIKE WALKER TB
Smith-Estrada in IBF Eliminator; Powell Gets New Foe TB
Mayweather Looks Sharp, Diaz Set for Peter TB
Linton-Primera bout kicks off New Year at the Queen TB
Jones Battles Reid in Defense Jan. 28th TB
"No Joke" Returns in February to Dover, Delaware TB
Bostice-Scott on Gatti Undercard, Tann Returns TB
Board challenges Ryan Wissow to prove otherwise
Johnson turns career around with 2004 USA Today
Golota, with help of King, on comeback trail CA
10 to watch in the coming year are no slugs ABQ
Wiser Leija winning his battle of the bulge at 38 SA
Hopkins now boxing's best
Espinoza Boxing seeking prospects B.Central
Hector Camacho bailed out of jail by Friend Sun Herald
Logan stuns Santiago Rick Scharmberg
Samuel Peter sets sights on heavyweight title USA Today
Jamie Arthur out for revenge News Wales
Alex Arthur plotting to lord it in ring Scotsman
Figures His Son Was a Fighter LA Times
Bautista impresses WBC champ Freeman
Linton, Primera to meet Tonight News Tribune
Tszyu v Hatton is ON! Advertiser
Marquez tells Pacquiao to get ready for big war Freeman
St. Paul to host boxing series Twin Cities
Boxing Polls On At Lugogo AllAfrica
Amir Kahn Bids To Ko Robberies Sun Uk
John Louis Gardner-bullying Marines 'beasted' Son By
January 7, 2005
This Day in Boxing History Jan 07 Martin Mulcahey
Beyond Boxing Thomas Gerbasi
New Year’s Belts: In With The Ring Jason Probst
Perez Back From the Dead Sean Stowell
Zuniga Stops Lopez; Mares Wins Pro Debut MaxB
Tsyzu's Trainer Johnny Lewis video interview Boxing AU
Interview with Sheffield's Ryan Rhodes Spud Woollatt
Much I don't know on Boxing Michael Woods
Frank Maloney Confident in Harrison But Wary of Polo DHB
Chacon, Norris inducted to boxing HOF TSN.CA
Manny Steward to become Gonzales' trainer Az Central
Lopez suffers last-round TKO az Star Net
Flaw didn't keep Terry Norris from Hall El Paso
Buhain vows to ‘protect’ Pacquiao Manila
Official shocked to see ex champ in trouble Sun Herald
Jack Johnson merits posthumous pardon Boston
In Jack Johnson's corner Seattle Times
Promoters' Failure to Promote Fights Irks BBC AllAfrica
Eastwood's still in the game, and delivers a KO Miami Herald
Pudwill joins ring master Torrence Bismark
Peden set to end Australian exile The Age
Ex-Boxer Returning Home after Tsunami Disaster Scotsman
Barrera vs Morales 3 claims title for best bout USA Today
Barry McGuigan very happy Sky Sports
Danny Hunt skips in to raise Megan money UK
For Holyfield, a sluggish pursuit, mostly by faith Ny Times
Not All Fun In Sun For Brian Magee News Letter
Jay Morris Gets 3 Fight Deal From Frank Maloney Isle of Wight
Mac Warned By Male Model Sporting Life
Update: Camacho Arrested On Burglary, Drug Charges Sun Herald
January 6, 2005
This Day in Boxing History Jan 06 Martin Mulcahey
An East L.A. Native's Version of the P4P List MB
Tszyu Makes It Clear He Wants Hatton Fight MB
Margarito To Prepare In Mexico For Clash MB
Zab Judah's legacy on the line Rob Scott
Roy Jones Jr: What goes up must come down Rob Scott
Pacquiao Screen Shot, Fight Night 2005 Dp
Mesi awaits hearing on controversial privacy issue KRT
Brian Viloria: 10 to watch Star Bulletin
Gatti vs Leija to start busy year for Canadian boxers Cp
Spinks will not take Judah lightly USA Today
Heavyweight boxing hits rock bottom Stuff
Best boxing movies deliver KO punch Boston
Carina Moreno climbs the ranks quickly Montery
David Lopez expects to keep winning Tuscon
Alex Brew wants title fight GhanaWeb
Holyfield among those donating for tsunami I.News
Boxing dope saga continues Mesuli Zifo
Update: Hector Camacho Sr. Arrested Ap
Eubank and Fatboy Slim Auction Scotsman
Perez fight moves indoors Az Central
Diego Corrales Interview
McGuigan enters Hall of Fame Sky Sports
Short Bios On 15 People Scheduled For Hall Of Fame CBS
Tyson fight Fallout Ap
Will Joe Mesi Comeback? BI
Hatton, Tszyu, Guinn Steve Farhood
Oscar De La Hoya A Knock-Out On Links Kold 13 News
Dazzo's destiny date with Nicky Cook Hereford
Victor Polo Risk For Scott Harrison SportingLife
Canadian Boxing Review FNews
Mike McCallum In This Corner F.News
Pacman goes to L.A. Sun.Star
Bualala Loses By Ko in PABA Title Fight B.S.
Hector "Macho" Camacho Wanted by Cops for Burglary WLOX
January 5, 2005
This Day in Boxing History Jan 05 Martin Mulcahey
Big Expectations For 'Lil Abner Doug Fischer
Sad News from the Caplan Family Caplan Family
Cintron & Margarito Headline Feb 18 MaxB
Catching up with Robert "The Ghost" Guerrero Chris Robinson
TB's Year End Boxing Awards TalkingBoxing
Duran, Greatest Of The Great & More RingTalk
Arturo Gatti vs. Jesse James Leija Ticket Information Update DHB
Hair-raising hyperbole isn't needed to sell Spinks fight KRT
BBC Boss Sapi to Turn Promoter AllAfrica
Sawnk deals justice to bully ContactMusic
Shannan Taylor's million worth the wait Australian
Roy Jones Jr. Speaks: Fears Loser Tag Mercury News
Anthony Farnell Puts Family First SportingLife Uk
Anthony Mundine: fight will go ahead Courier Mail
Peters free to plot Dunne's course to world title shot Belfast
Calvin Davis pleads guilty in Cocaine Ring Philly
Wright-Trinidad Fight May Not Be Soon TBO Sports
Barrera Admits He May Face Scot Harrison Daily Record
Phoenix promoter gets license amid objections Az
King puts on show to promote big fight STLToday
Gatti- Leija tickets going fast Sporting Life Uk
Film Review: Million Dollar Baby FilmJerk
Vegas Incentive for Hungry Scott Harrison Scotsman
Disaster fears for Welsh boxer South Wales Echo
Family Fears for Safety of Former Boxer Scotsman
Gary Lockett Caught Up In Title Fight Chaos South Wales Echo
January 4, 2005
This Day in Boxing History Jan 04 Martin Mulcahey
You Can’t Stop The Brock Thomas Gerbasi
"The Sandman Waiteth" Allan Scotto
Laila Ali defends her title
Big Dog’s Punching Bag '04 Doghouse Awards Benny Henderson Jr.
Quiet man Murray to make a lot of noise: Interview Ben Carey
FBI Looks at Boxing Crooks Domestic & Foriegn RingTalk
Lou DiBella Says Jose Navarro Robbed DHB
Minnie Driver: I'd Hurt a Man in the Ring DHB
Jeff Gibson's Elite Promotions starts '05 w/ bang BRC
BRC's Boxing Awards 2004 BRC
Happy Birthday Muhammad & George: Part I TB
6 Wishes for the New Year AllAfrica
De La Hoya At Jacksonville Int’l Airport CBS
Stallone reality show head ITV2 list UK
Jaime Arthur out for Revenge Derek Bilton, UK
Englebrecht branches off FNews
Golden clash beckons for Jaime Arthur BBC
Champs corner! Ron Miller
Santiago-Logan in Philly Rick Scharmberg
Frank Warren on Tszyu-Hatton FNews
Pacquiao leaves Jan. 6 for Marquez fight Sun Star
Barrera Leaves Door Open For Scott Harrison Sky Sports
January 3, 2005
This Day in Boxing History Jan 03 Martin Mulcahey
Andrade Preps for a big '05 Sean Stowell
Dougie's MASSIVE Monday Mail Bag D.Fischer
Can a Quality Trainer Turn a Good Fighter into a Great Fighter? Stephen Jones
Top fighters found mat in '04 Cleveland Dealer
Kali Meehan: A True Champion Fiji Times
Clearing My Desk For '05, Fighter Of Year RingTalk
Showtime Presents Cory Spinks v. Zab Judah : Rematch MaxBoxing
Jose Navarro Drops Split Decision DHB
NHL lockout helps boxing Miami Herald
Marquez warns: I'm going to win Sun Star
All signs lead to Johnson as Fighter of the Year AZ
Pacquiao a 7-5 pick vs Marquez Philstar
Pacquiao belittles Marquez’s training regimen Manilla
Echols negotiates Calzaghe shot BBC
Oscar De La Hoya's plan: return as welterweight LA Daily
Evander Holyfield joins Tsunami relief operations NewKerela
Lorenzo Parra defends WBA flyweight title BBC
Chi In-jin to Defend WBC Title on Jan. 30 Yonhap
January 2, 2005
This Day in Boxing History Jan 02 Martin Mulcahey
Closet Classics II - Thomas Hearns vs. Juan Domingo Roldan MaxBoxing
Arturo Gatti's Long & winding road to Jessie Leija Danny Serratelli
Ex-champ is back in business Sun Sentinel
Johnson is year's top fighter San Antonio Express
Poll: David Tua Vs Mike Tyson Dp
Glen Johnson wins a 3 for all Boston Herald
Mario Kindelan withdraws from retirement Age
Hillary Swank Interview SFgate
"Million Dollar Baby" Movie Review About
"Million Dollar Baby" poised for a knockout Seattle
Joe Bugner: Facing Muhammad Ali Age
Ouma-Jantuah set as co-feature on Gatti-Leija BRC
Enzo aims for a Rich challenge Wales on Sunday
Pirated copies of Pacquiao fights a big hit Manilla Times
Danny Williams Makes Injury Revelation BBC
Pacquiao moves up IBF ratings ABS-CBN
Marquez is Manny's toughest opponent Sun Star
Klitschko, Champion Of A Nation The Australian
Tszyu has until tomorrow to agree to fight Hatton Sunday Mirror
Foreman vs. Berbick: Now this is getting old Houston Tx
Amir Kahn set to be amateur's first Millionaire at 18 Dp
January 1, 2005
This Day in Boxing History Jan 01 Martin Mulcahey
Year-End Awards, as the boxing world turns MB
Q & A with Larry Holmes Champ4Ever
Pacquiao still a puzzle Inq7
Mesi sues for breach of privacy North Jersey
No Glove lost For THAI Boxers Bangkok Post
ENZO Maccarinelli aims to smash up model ic Wales
Roach expects mental war for Pacquiao vs Marquez 2 Philstar
Gilmour, Maloney vow to bounce back off the rope Daily Record
Fernando Vargas plans big 2005 FNews
Lou Ambers Bill Kelly: Kelly's Corner
Chris Woollas wants back in ring ThisIs Uk
Tubbs outpoints Minto B.Central
4 years for boxer dealer UK
Dirrell's bronze the golden moment of '04 Flint
Joe Mesi sues, alleging breach of privacy Capital News
Little comfort for Tua as Klitschko goes down for count Stuff NZ
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