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(June 18 - 25, 2004)
June 25, 2004
This Day in Boxing History June 25 Martin Mulcahey
In & Out to the Home Depot Center (Part 2) S.Kim
US Olympians Gear Up for Athens Thomas Gerbasi
Dougie's FAT Friday Mail Bag Doug Fischer
Mike Tyson & Don King Settle $100 Million Lawsuit DHB F
Casamayor, Seda Both out to Prove Something MB
Controversy Mars Andrade's Win on Mendoza MB
Oscar & Hopkins in PR Friday MaxBoxing
Team Trinidad has a Makeover MaxBoxing
Is Tszyu Through? Luke Dodemaide
The Real Fight at 160: Mayorga vs. Trinidad (w/ Prediction) DHB
Challenging Boxing's Myths - Undefeated - How Much does it Matter? Jim Cawkwell
Floyd Patterson - 1935 - "A Special One" DHB
Mike Tyson & Don King Settle $100 Million Lawsuit DHB F
Margarito vs Santos II official MaxBoxing
Ring's Pound For Pound Best For Period Ending June 23 DHB
Don King Pledges Completion of 101st Airborne Monument DHB
Bad Olympic memory fails to slow Simms IL
Warren is threatening to sue Glen Johnson Mirror
Freitas, Corrales promise they'll put on fight USAT
City, break ground on new Mills Lane complex AP
Tua visits Fiji Fiji Times, Fiji
Mundine aims to inspire students ABC Australia
Champ Will Be Crowned Tonight Wheeling News
China Smith looks to avenge loss tonight Herald
June Bug creates buzz among fight fans Times Record
Tonya Harding boxing her way to big bucks GW
Shields overpowers Jenkins Houston Chronicle
Boxer Sanit convicted Nation, Thailand
Andrade Outpoints Mendoza AP
A boxing kangaroo and more Detroit Free Press
Boxing in Kissimmee Orlando Sentinel
Hawkins reveals his concern over judges Belfast
Reid's soap opera keeps him hungry Belfast
Tyson, King settle $100 million suit USA T
June 24, 2004
This Day in Boxing History June 24 Martin Mulcahey
Where Would Roy Jones Jr. Rate As An All-Time Great If He Were To Retire Today? Part 2 DHB
Texas Twisters Augustus, Ayala & Marquez DAvila
"Contender" Lawsuit, & Boxing Media Is Wimpy RT
Edgar Santana Flying Puerto Rico's Fistic Flag in NY
More Coaches than Trainers Brian Adams
Let Sleeping Dogs Lie Jason Probst
Ring's Pound For Pound Best For Period Ending June 23 DHB
Don King Pledges Completion of 101st Airborne Monument DHB
Bad Olympic memory fails to slow Simms IL
Rahman brings Davis back to corner Baltimore
Tyson still an icon despite his past Trentonian, NJ
Pound for Pound List El Paso Times ,TX,USA
Johnson snubs Calzaghe BBC
Eurofighters score victories in Austria ESB
Taylor Almost Ready SWTimes
Arum happy for Diaz’s success , even after ugly breakup D.Sun
Hitman Hatton ready to star in Shropshire StarShopsire
Clampitt suffers difficult losses Zwire
SA needs more white heroes, says Brian Mitchell SA
NO clear KO: new figure needed for boxing VA
(Klitschko Related) Journalist Sues Pop Idol MNews
Pacquiao on pay-per-view ABS-CBN
George Foreman to present car to winner Daily Press
Johnson "set for Jones" BBC
Mayweather, Hopkins stake claim to No.1 USA Today
O’Neil Bell: Uncrowned champ? FNews
168lb rumble in Irvine FNews
Resto returns tonight FNews
Shields to defend Texas title FNews
Angel Chacon headlines FNews
Fights are Bright on Broadway NY Daily
Corrales-Freitas bout should end in KO ORC
June 23, 2004
This Day in Boxing History June 23 Martin Mulcahey
Merchant Won't Book Passage On The Tyson Comeback Bandwagon MB
FBI-Top Rank Update, Barrera Being Sued RT
In & Out to the Home Depot Center Steve Kim
Andrade Orders up Experience Sean Stowell
Boxing From An Odd Angle Martin Mulcahey
Where Would Roy Jones Jr. Rate As An All-Time Great If He Were To Retire Today? Part 1 DHB
Challenging Boxing's Myths Part One - The Fans Respond DHB
Vanderpool confident he will beat Lacy CP
Jermain Taylor needs 1 more fight before title ANB
Governor blocks Tyson's license Tribnet
Hazzard giving Tyson right to earn living NJ
Tyson Looks in Mirror & Sees a Troubled Man NY
McBride agony as Tyson dream ends Belfast
Fear stalks Jeff Fenech Herald Sun
Bad Olympic memory fails to slow Simms IL
Camacho to fight on Coast on July 3 Clarion Ledger
Interview: Mike Tyson FNews
Trinidad back with a vengeance FNews
Biko beaten by Grezi FNews
Top Comments: Ali vs. Wolfe WBAN
Kelly tries to keep mind off Booth clash Belfast
Ezra Boxing Board Dissolved AllAfrica
Eddy Blay Laments Dearth Of Trainers Ghana
Wayne Rooney related to Bob Fitzsimmons Mirror
June 22, 2004
This Day in Boxing History June 22 Martin Mulcahey
Freitas v Corrales: Generation's Hagler-Hearns? MB
A Tale of Two Paulies Thomas Gerbasi
Interview: Paul Malignaggi DoghouseBoxing
Paul Spadafora Returns July 17th MB
It’s About Time, Ricky (Hatton) Martin Wade
Freitas & Corrales Both Predict Knockouts DHB
Free Video: Robert "The Ghost" Guerrero DHB
Free Video: Mike Tyson Interview DHB
Summer Fun at Camp Tyson for Roach MB
NJ Gov Vows To KO TYSON Fights NY Post
Jerry likes Mike ZWire
N.J. governor bristles: license granted to Tyson AP
Mere presence of Tyson brings out Local fans ZWire
Leave it to us, police tell Fenech Advertiser, Australia
Fenech blamed for gang drug arrests SMH
Boxing Scribe Jerry Gladman has died CA
Lazcano still a champ in El Paso EL Paso
FBI-Top Rank Update, Barrera Being Sued RT
Barrera jumps back into mix NY Daily
Arum attacks Oscar's preparation for bout AZ
WBO rejects Sturm protest FNews
#3 Hatakeyama held to draw FNews
Big week in Thailand FNews
Enzo Maccarinelli to face Abdoul New Wales
Spadafora to fight at amphitheatre PA
Ex-boxing champ testifies before NRC GhanaWeb
Killed infant daughter in dispute over Olympics AP
June 21, 2004
This Day in Boxing History June 21 Martin Mulcahey
Dougie's MASSIVE Monday Mail Bag D Fischer
Messin' With Texas Steve Kim
Interview: Peter McNeeley Benny Henderson Jr.
Barrera & Taylor Take Care of Business Juan Angel Zurita
Best Quotes Of The Night: Barrera-Ayala, Taylor-Marquez DHB
Antonio Barrera, Jermain Taylor Dazzle Geo Elsasser
Audley Harrison Stops Bonin Stephen Jones
A"Rold" Look At Weekend Boxing RingTalk
Barrera dominates Ayala and proves he belongs TB
Taylor Impressive in Win, as title shot nears TB
Interview MIKE TYSON: Tyson comes clean DHB F
Malignaggi Remains Unbeaten George Elsasser
Interview Peter MANFREDO JR TB
Rivera-Damgaard Not Yet Etched In Stone TB
"The Ghost" Sticks and Moves BoxingTime
Jeff Lacy ready to advance his career CC Times
Barrera wins in ring return The Desert Sun, CA
Ray Mercer pulls punches, so promoter sues Biz J
Laila Ali joins Mike Tyson card Courier-Journal
Williams offered big pay-day to fight Tyson Gaurdian
Scott Harrison compared w/ Roberto Duran UK
Audley could link up with Don King People UK
Audley's Ref Storm Mirror
Etienne rolls to easy win vs. Griffis RGJ
Fenech plans to leave Australia Australian
Barrera: I'll be around a long time FNews
Woods blasts Mitchell FNews
Tszyu: I'm still undisputed FNews
Ballogou, Beck victorious FNews
Brett Smith defeats Dowden FNews
Barrera-Ayala undercard FNews
Kuhn bloodies Bailey FNews
Donaire brothers triumph FNews
Mora upsets Diaz, Velazco loses FNews
Saleem stops Robinson FNews
Brian Magee ready to rock the world Belfast
June 20, 2004
This Day in Boxing History June 20 Martin Mulcahey
Results for Taylor vs Marquez DHB
Results: Marco Antonio Barerra v Paulie Ayala DHB
Mike McCallum Pt 1: Unheralded King of the 80s DB
Barrera Blasts Ayala in 10; Taylor Stops Marquez MB
Barrera-Ayala Undercard Report: Norris Decisions Peak MB
Ayala is likely to retire after loss TX
Year of the Filipino Fighters David Avila
Interview MIKE TYSON: Tyson comes clean DHB F
Malignaggi Remains Unbeaten George Elsasser
Hopkins by Decision; Holt Hammered GEO
Closer Look at Return of Boxing To North NJ DB
Samuel Peter: Promoter's Dream, Opponent's Nightmare DB
Daddy is Muhammad Ali NY Post
Flabby condition tarnishing 'Golden Boy' SA Express
AUDLEY stops brave Bonin BBC
Plot to murder Jeff Fenech Herald Sun
WBC news is a heavy blow for SA's Fana S.Times
Scott Harrison blows away challenger Scotsman
Juarez career will hold up without WBC belt NJ
McBride is KO'd by Tyson Boston Herald
Gavin Rees secures title shot BBC
Robbie Regan in dock for burglary ic Wales
Pueblo boxers ready to fight Cheiftan
June 19, 2004
This Day in Boxing History June 19 Martin Mulcahey
Reality Check Jim Cawkwell
Barrera, Ayala Ready for Battle Tonight D.Avila
Williams to Replace McBride v Tyson: July 30 MB
Can Barrera Rise From The Ashes Yet Again? DHB
Mike Tyson Innocent Of Rape says Top Laywer DB
Statement by Tony Holden Regarding Joe Mesi MB
Boxing Fans "Knifed" By Judges Pedro Fernandez
Hopkins Takes Decision Over Gonzales MB
Mesi spurns commission's request LVR
Mesi won't disclose medical records Buffalo
Official says Mesi could lose license Buffalo
Mesi accused of making false claims D&C
ARUM critical of De La Hoya DHB F
Williams wins title, earns TV bout DFP
Barrera fights back again ORC
Ayala, Barrera look to put losses behind By
Gonzales dominant in win AZ
Harrison looks to sign off in style Sentinel, UK
Harrison set for Bonin BBC
Audley's BBC ko means Jim needn't box clever UK
Baloyi set to enter The Beast's lair . . . City Press
Ex-champ Tyson could fight in Hawai'i Honolulu
Boxer cherishing his time in ring AZ
Donaire brothers triumph FNews
Nakajima draws with Tamakoshi FNews
Harris targets Hatton FNews
Vanda batters Martinez FNews
Williams destroys Moore FNews
June 18, 2004
Mike Tyson Innocent Of Rape DHB
This Day in Boxing History June 18 Martin Mulcahey
Interview Paul Briggs Anthony Cocks
Marco Antonio Barrera: Don’t Count him Out (Predictions) DB
Barrera-Ayala: A Fan-Friendly Featherweight Fight Doug Fischer
A Day in the Life of a Boxing Scribe Steve Kim
Destiny Disrupted Brian Adams
Malignaggi and Powell Stay Unbeaten MB
Rahman Drops Calloway in Two MB
Steward Goes Back to the Future MB
Mike Tyson Gets Ok For Fight In Hawaii DHB F
Driveby shooting at Fenech house DHB F
Ruiz KOs Callaway in 2nd round Baltimore Sun
Rahman knocks out Calloway in round 2 SFGate
Gang puts price $50K on the head of Fenech BS
Etienne has put Tyson loss behind him RGI
Jesus Gonzales ramps up for bout tonight AZ
After 41 Years, WBC May Be Finished Today LA
Ayala, Barrera put careers on line LV Review
Barrera tries to obscurity NY Daily
Arum brings fight to Home Depot P.Telegram
Elimination bout for Ayala, Barrera OCR
Pacquiao-Marquez rematch in freezer ABS-CBN
Pacquiao getting impatient with Marquez SunStar
Survey Says "Boxing Is Fixed" RingTalk
ARUM critical of De La Hoya USA Today
Iraqi boxer embraces his time in US AJC
Boxer hit world record, and he's still punching LA
Ex boxer convicted over counterfeit notes RTE
Augustus takes on veteran tonight ... TX
Russell Crowe called 'SuperDiva' by Crew CBS
Scott Harrison fired up after week of hell Daily UK
Sparks fly between Harrison & Abelyan Scotsman
Gym Gang in £500K Drink Raid Daily Record
Audley v Thomasz: Quotes From Final Press ESB
Guinn on Joe Mesi; " I’m praying for him’ ... ESB

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