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(Ruiz vs Toney Headlines: April, 2005)
April , 2005 (HBO) John Ruiz vs. James Toney News Archives
Hungry Toney aims for total rule Dp
James Toney: Winner of 4 titles at 5 different weights BadBoysBoxing
Heavy duty now falls to Toney Dp
Poll: Klitschko vs Toney Dp
Sore Loser Ruiz Says: I Hate Boxing Dp
Retired Ruiz may finally earn some Respect Bobby Jones
Photo Gallery: James Toney Defeats John Ruiz
Ruiz parts ways with the WBA Heavyweight Title and the Sport in loss against Toney Ric Solivan
RUIZ-TONEY Photo Gallery by David Martin-Warr TigerBoxing
Weekend scorecard: Toney a future Hall Of Famer Dan Rafael, ESPN
Heavyweight Toney after big-ticket bout Dp
The Thrill is Gone – Toney Upends Ruiz to Win WBA Crown Thomas Gerbasi
James Toney Scores Unanimous Decision Over Ruiz Dp
Ruiz outboxed, drops decision, title to Toney Aaron Imholte
Ruiz Packs it in after Loss to Toney DHB
Toney Too Quick For Ruiz TigerBoxing
Toney Does It! TigerBoxing
I've been hounded out, blasts Ruiz Dp
(Toney) See The Light, Boxing Fans Dp
James Toney Scores Unanimous Decision Over Ruiz Dp
Live Round by Round: John Ruiz vs James Toney Dog Pound
Ruiz vs. Toney: Clash of Personalities and Styles TigerBoxing
Toney and Ruiz bout another comic act Dp
Toney's Got The Soul to Beat Ruiz, but The Roll Be His Undoing? MB
Winner Between Toney & Ruiz Grabs the Reins of the Division MB
Ruiz vs Toney Fight Predictions Anthony Cocks
Toney has always talked the talk, but against Ruiz, will he walk the walk? Peter Chhim
Ruiz and Toney set to get it on Dp
3-division champ Toney needs bigger belt these day Dp
John Ruiz – Boxing’s Eternal Underdog Thomas Gerbasi
Is James Toney the Straw that Stirs the Heavyweight Drink? D.Avila
Dogfight: Ruiz vs Toney Martin Wade vs Aaron Imholte
James Toney: The spotlight will be on ‘Lights out’ Rob Scott
Toney 'looking To Hit Somebody' Dp
Toney's sense of stature bloated Dp
Toney: I'm a Puncher Boxing-Pics
James Toney: The Fatman Cometh? Doug Fischer
Ruiz bout weighs on Toney Dp
John Ruiz: The "Quiet Man" No More TigerBoxing
Ruiz Looks To Ko Toney, Critics Dp
Toney stepping up to challenge Ruiz Dp
James Toney taking on a heavy task Dp
Ruiz: Toney doesn't deserve title shot Kevin Iole, LVRJ
Ruiz questions Toney's credentials Dp
Ruiz Has To Justify His Existence Dp
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