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(PPV) Mike Tyson (50-5) vs. Kevin McBride (32-4-1): June 11, 2005)
June 11, 2005 (SHOWTIME) Mike Tyson vs. Kevin McBride News Archives
Fresh off Tyson fight, McBride may face Ruiz Dp
McBride in line for Dublin show Dp
Tyson to be at Tarver vs Johnson, maybe Dp
McBride: I’ll Be World Champ! Dp
Tyson should quit talk, too Dp
Just let Tyson go; how he went out doesn't matter Dp
Tyson ponders what to do next Dp
Kevin McBride Will Think He's Been Hit By A Truck Dp
I Never Liked You, Mike TigerBoxing
Michael Jackson, Mike Tyson: Many similarites Dp
Tyson was never a truly great fighter Dp
Crazy Tyson bit my Nipple Say McBride Dp
Another Mike Tyson Obituary Sean Newman
SHOWTIME To Replay Tyson's Stunning Loss To McBride MB
Don’t cry for the old guys: Boxing’s changing of the guard Aaron Imholte
Earnie Shaver's blasts out at Mike Tyson Dp
Iron Mike not done by long shot Dp
Tyson: 'My whole life has been a waste' Dp
Title KO opens door for Michael Jennings Dp
They Shoot Horses, Don't They? (Tyson's Finished) TigerBoxing.com
Tyson May Awaken, Stay Out Of The Ring Dp
Mike Tyson to Replace Howard Dean as DNC Chair Dp
Tyson Is The Heart of Boxings Future TalkingBoxing
Tyson Admits: I've Lived a Lie for the last 15 years! Dp
Tyson: The flame has burned out Gary Pino
Angry Tyson Reaffirms He's Quitting Dp
Dougie’s MASSIVE Monday Mail Bag Doug Fischer
All apologies to Kevin McBride & goodbye to ‘Iron’ Mike Benny Henderson
Mcbride's Iron Mike Meltdown Dp
Tyson: Sad end as legend is sunk - or is it? Dp
Tyson: Tortured soul Dan Rafael, Espn
Irish lullaby for Iron Mike Dan Rafael, Espn
Tyson's tale: sad, complex, irresistible Dp
Tyson: Time to Close the Book on His Boxing Career " Jeff Mayweather
Mcbride Stuns Tyson SportingLife
Tyson Quits Fight and May Quit Boxing Next Dp
Tyson quits boxing after defeat Dp
McBride beats Tyson, who quits after six Jason Probst
Tyson quits in 6th, loses to McBride Dp
Tyson calls it quits after humbling surrender Dp
Tyson-McBride Fight, It's Bling That Tops the Card Dp
Mike Tyson stiffs his sport once more Dp
Mike Tyson chronology Dp
Tyson Quits Because McBride Doesn't TigerBoxing
McBride sets up lucrative paydays Dp
Tyson 3-fight package geared toward Klitschko Dp
Ten Years After: McNeeley Reflects on Tyson-McBride S. Tobey
Life for Tyson after McBride German Villasenor
Tyson From What Should Be Heyday For Boxing Dp
Villain or victim, boxing's biggest bogeyman is back Dp
Kevin McBride: Giant Man, Up Against Giant Odds TigerBoxing
Not quite everybody set to write off Tyson yet Dp
Plenty of fighting over Duel bouts NY Daily
Trainer finds Tyson's soft side Dp
Retro Tyson Part 4 Dan Rafael, ESPN
Tyson ready to shake off ring rust against McBride LVRJ
Mike Tyson - Kevin McBride Weigh In Photos Tom Casino
Mcbride Eyes Upset Dp
McBride plans to mesmerize vs. Tyson Dp
Tyson pulp fiction takes ugly twist Dp
Retro Tyson Part 3 Dan Rafael, ESPN
The Upset: Buster melts Iron Mike Dan Rafael, ESPN
Retro Tyson Part 4 Dan Rafael, ESPN
McBride can land punch in a million David Kelly
World focused on Tyson fight, but Cotto bout may pack more ... Baltimore Sun
Tyson Challenger Uses Hypnosis In Training Dp
Tyson 3-fight package geared toward Klitschko Dp
Tyson back to mean old self at press conference Dp
McBride groomed for Tyson brawl Dp
Tyson keeps fighting because, well, he has to Dp
The 'old' Tyson gets in his licks Dp
The twilight of Tyson Dp
Q&A: Kevin Rooney Lisa Scott, FNews
Tyson: Call Me Mr Wonderful Dp
Mike Tyson: Soothing the Savage Beast Peter Chhim
Tyson faces McBride Live On Setanta Sport DHB
Retro Tyson Part 2 Dan Rafael, ESPN
Tyson, trainer Fench mutual admirers Dan Rafael, ESPN
Why Mike Tyson will win in under a round Bobby Jones, DHB
Hurt Tyson Aiming For Missionary Position Dp
The Public Is Still Fascinated By Iron Mike Dp
As Tyson Prepares, I Remember Ali TigerBoxing
Hazzard: "I'll license Tyson again!" Lisa Scott, FNews
Hurt Tyson Aiming For Missionary Position Dp
Mike irons out image Dp
'Iron Mike' Searches For Peace As 'mr. Mom' Dp
Tyson Enters the Fight of His Life Dp
Tyson prepares for 'final chance' Dp
Ironed Mike STL Today
Tyson: No laughing matter Michael Katz, Washington Post
As Tyson Prepares, I Remember Ali TigerBoxing
Mike Tyson: celebrity slaughterer back on TV S.Out
For Mike Tyson's next act, he's fighting a bearded lady Dp
Tyson: A Neutral Breakdown of the Tyson of Today Aaron Imholte
For once, all quiet on Tyson front Dp
The Greatest Show on Earth: Mike Tyson Climbs Back up the Mountain TigerBoxing
Inside Tyson Camp: Monday Dan Rafael, ESPN
Retro Tyson: Part 1 Dan Rafael, ESPN
Arum Keeps An Eye On Tyson Dp
Tyson leads Capitol Explosion FNews
Win or lose, Tyson still a draw Dp
Tyson fight not bigger than Hatton vs Tszyu Dp
Tyson: 'My whole life has been a waste' Dp
Tyson Speaks On His Pimp Dad, & Cus D'amato & More Dp
Mike Tyson: Punching The Clock Dp
Mike Tyson: Welcome To Neighborhood Dp
Mike Tyson's Career Milestones Dp
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