Boxing Results: Adrien Broner vs John Molina - Spoiler
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Boxing Results: Adrien Broner vs John Molina - Spoiler
By Johnny Benz, Doghouse Boxing (March 7, 2015)

John Molina
Adrien Broner
Bob Arum

On NBC (TV), Adrien Broner vs. John Molina. Below is a live round by round scoring of tonight's action. You'll want to refresh the page every 4 minutes to get the full updated results.

ROUND 1: The first round went to Adrien Broner.
10-9 for Broner.

ROUND 2: Good round, tougher to score, I want to give it to Molina.
10-9 Molina.

ROUND 3: Awesome round. Two solid rights rock Broner. he takes it well, but nonetheless, the punches landed on Broner in a perfect way.

10-9 Molina.

ROUND 4: Both fighters did well, but none outshined the other.
10-10 Draw.

ROUND 5: I give this round to Broner - but I was impressed with Molina in this round..

ROUND 6: I give this round for Broner. he came on strong.
10-9 Broner

ROUND 7: Broner's round.
10-9 Broner.

ROUND 8: Broner
ROUND 9 Broner

ROUND 10 Broner
10-9 Broner.

ROUND 11 Broner
10-9 Broner. Molina has his moments, but John needs to do more.

ROUND 12 - I give this round to Molina who wanted to fight,but Broner ran off the clockby running around the ring and noteven trying to engage. Broner closed the show very poorly.

10-9 for Molina

Two judges score it: 120 -108
The other judge: 118-110
For Unanimous Decision - WINNER ADRIEN BRONER


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