Boxing Results: Robert Guerrero vs. Keith Thurman - Spoiler
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Boxing Results: Robert Guerrero vs. Keith Thurman - Spoiler
By Johnny Benz, Doghouse Boxing (March 7, 2015)

Robert Guerrero
Keith Thurman
Robert Guerrero vs. Keith Thurman
Live Round by round results coverage for Robert "The Ghost" Guerrero vs. Keith Thurman. Tonight's action can be seen live on TV on NBC.

The fight is about to start. Each round results will be posted live. Make sure you refresh this page every 4 minutes.

ROUND ONE: Both come out strong. Thurman composed and working off the jab. Guerrero utilizing his south paw stance well. Speed is being used well by Thurman. Guerrero has his moments as well. Thurman is driving hard, taking a punch or two to get in, and the psy off looks good more often than not in the few exchanges that went hardcore.

Mathew Aguilar, El Paso Times tweets: Thurman throwing some heat in round one. Showing superior hand speed & good ability to adapt to southpaws.

10-9 Thurman

ROUND TWO: A Big punch to the body seems to stunGuerrero. Thurman is coming on strong. Guerrero's south paw stance seems easier than expected for Thurman.

Dan Rafael, ESPN tweets: Hard-hitting fight so far. Thurman, 2-0.

10-9 Thurman

ROUND THREE: Heads clash - a huge bump on the left hand side of Thurman's forehead. Replayed showed the headbutt. So fight will go to the cards if it gets stopped because of that.

10-9 Guerero

ROUND FOUR: Two nice hard rights land by Thurman.
Matthew Aguilar: Not sure how Guerrero is standing up to these bombs. He better start landing something soon. Thurman up 40-36

10-9 Thurman

ROUND 5: Close round. Exciting fight.

10-9 Ghost

ROUND 6: Keith Thurman hurst Ghost with a solid left and then punishes Guerrero for the final minute.

10-9 Thurman.

ROUND 7: Guerrero is still fresh and strong, he needs to pick up the pace. Thurman beating Ghost to many of the punches. Ghost does land great shots, but hard to ignore the way Thurman lands,

10-9 Thurman

ROUND 8: Another round for Thurman, but Guerrero has solid moments.

10-9 Thurman

ROUND 9: Ghost goes down hard with about 40 seconds left. He gets up at the count of 9. Thurman goes into flurry mode, Ghost in the corner eating a lot of leather but survives the round.

10-8 Thurman.

ROUND 10: Ghost comes out with purpose, but Thurman is one tough cookie to crack. Right hand lands by Thurman, Guerrero fires back. Ghost lands hard on Thurman, Thurman answers back. A much better round for Guerrero. Wow, we have a fight. But Guerrero taking to many punches to land his own... we are talking heart!!! What an awesome round!!!! Damn, I want to give it to Ghost,but Thurman rocked well in this one as well.

10-9 Guerrero... after being knocked down in the repvious!

ROUND 11: Close round, give it t Ghost.
10-9 Guerrero

ROUND 12: Wow Guerrero dominating most of this exciting round... he wants it bad, and Thurman wants the round to end. Nice round for Guerrero...more of this through the fight would have made Ghost win this fight for sure. As it is, we are now going to the score cards.

10-9 Guerrero

Final Results:
For the winner by Unanimous decision, Keith Thurman.


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