The GREATEST Mystery ever of Mike Tyson!
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The GREATEST Mystery ever of Mike Tyson!
By Johnny Benz, Doghouse Boxing (March 15, 2015)

Pigeon and Mike Tyson
Pigeon and Mike Tyson
Video Below: Teaser trailer of Mike Tyson's Mysteries
I am an avid watcher of cartoons. I love the wacky stuff, from SpongeBob SquarePants to stuff suited for a mature audience, like Family Guy, American Dad, BoJack Horseman and Archer. By far my favorite new cartoon is an absolute shock to me, almost a mystery how it even came up as an idea. I'm talking about Mike Tyson's Mysteries. This new show featured on TV with ADULT SWIM (and available for streaming on NetFlix) is not only off the hook funny, but a spectacular knock-out as well.

What's the TV show about? It's an animated Mike Tyson with an off the hook crew of sleuths who gear up for weekly adventures as they put unsolved mysteries down for the count.

What makes this cartoon featuring Mike Tyson (as himself) so fun to begin with is how the animation reminds you of old school Saturday morning toons. There is a Scooby Dooby Doo feeling going on here. So add Mike Tyson, a talking pigeon (voiced by the talented Norm Mcdonald), a Ghost (well done by Jim Rash) and an adopted daughter Yung Hee Tyson (voiced sarcastically well by Rachel Leah Ramras), and the crazy laughs keep coming. I kid you not, it's impossible to watch episodes of this show without buckling in laughter.

Mike Tyson's Mysteries is simply amazing, but don't take my word for it... watch it yourself ( I watch it on NETFLIX), and check out just a few of the reviews from (anonymous) Netflix subscribers...

NETFLIX's ratings from users on Mike Tyson's Mysteries:

Out of an Average of 25,197 ratings: Out of 5 stars, viewers averaged 4.1 stars.

Here are a select view of written reviews by Netflix subscribers:

Review 1: This made me laugh super hard. It's total nonsense, but if you like nonsense you'll love this.

Review 2: If you watch one show staring Norm Macdonald as a talking pigeon....make it this one!

Review 3: If you can somehow incorporate Norm Macdonald as a talking pigeon and make reference to Elon Musk and Richard Branson, you're show should never be cancelled. 10/10.

Review 4: I love this cartoon- it makes me laugh much harder than most television shows~ Also Mike Tyson- enough said.

Review 5: BEST SHOW EVER, Laughed so hard. Mike Tyson and who ever else helped with show, made the best show ever.

Review 6: I like the first 4 episodes far more because they work on mysteries. The rest of the series is just random stuff happening for no reason and being catty. First 4 episodes: 5 stars. The rest: 3 stars.

Review 7: Ex Heavy Weight Champion of the World, Homosexual Ghost, Pre-Teen Asian Girl and Talking P Pigeon... my life is complete. I laughed so hard I almost chewed my own ear off. Well done Champ!

Review 8: This show is so stupid but i think its my favourite show i laugh so hard, come on season 2!

Review 9: It's a show about Mike Tyson making fun of himself in cartoon form! WHATS NOT TO LIKE?!?! Bring on season 2!

Review 10: Forget Marco Polo Season 2, you guys need to make like 100 seasons of Mike Tyson Mysteries ASAP!

Review 11: This show is amazing, keep it up!! Amazing show for lazy Sundays or late on the backshift....great to binge watch while getting baked especially while hungover! Mike Tyson Mysteries is up there with Trailer Park Boys for awesome shows

Review 12: This show is fantastic!!! I love the absolute absurdity of this program. And I especially like how Mike Tyson can make references to his short-comings in his life during episodes of this show and turn them into positives. Really make me laugh out loud and watch each episode at least twice. Do not cancel this program, definitely on to something here.

Review 13: Venture Bros meets Scooby Doo - Brilliant !! Just wish the episodes were longer.

Review 14: Please, please make more of this show. This is like, the epitome of all my alcohol and marijuana induced fantasies mixed together into one. 11/10.

Review 15: This is inspired stupidity at its best. Very funny and totally irreverent. I checked it out expecting this to be a complete train wreck and was surprised by how entertained I was by it all. Be forewarned that this is NOT for children despite the surface similarities to Scooby Doo and other classic saturday morning cartoons. This is adult humour. I hope to see more Mike Tyson Mysteries. Very funny stuff.


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