Leonard Ellerbe says: "It's a complete disgrace" what they did to Mayweather Jr.
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Leonard Ellerbe says: "It's a complete disgrace" what they did to Mayweather Jr.
By Johnny Benz, Doghouse Boxing (July 7, 2015)

Leonard Ellerbe
Leonard Ellerbe
Now that Floyd Mayweather Jr. has been officially stripped of his WBO title over unpaid sanction fees, Team Mayweather is coming out swinging.

Leonard Ellerbe the CEO of Mayweather Promotions was particularly not pleased by the ruling.

Quoted by ESPN, Ellerbe told the publication in regards to the WBO stripping Mayweather of the title: "It's a complete disgrace."

It's not know if Mayweather Jr. will take any action against the ruling, but one thing is for sure, with the hundreds of millions Mayweather Jr. made vs. Manny Pacquiao... you can bet he won't be losing any sleep over the ruling.

Ellerbe stated: "Floyd will decide what, or if any, actions he will take. But in the meantime he's enjoying a couple of hundred million he made from his last outing and this has zero impact on anything he does."

With or without the WBO title, Mayweather Jr. is the best in the game and the highest paid... so there is no chance that this ruling is going to ruin any of that. In other words, Mayweather can do as he pleases, being stripped of the title will not hurt his status in anyway.

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