Jeff Mayweather says "Manny Pacquiao got exposed by Lying" & "Cheated Fans"
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Jeff Mayweather says "Manny Pacquiao got exposed by Lying" & "Cheated Fans"
By Johnny Benz, Doghouse Boxing (July 14, 2015)

Jeff Mayweather
Jeff Mayweather
Some critics feel that Manny Pacquiao took his loss to Floyd Mayweather Jr. poorly. Recently, Jeff Mayweather voiced his opinions on that matter. He too not only feels that Pacquiao showed poor sportsmanship in how he acted after losing to Floyd, (e.g.: blaming a torn roto cuff on his performance), but also feels Pacquiao was seriously exposed. Not only exposed by Mayweather Jr., but also exposed for lying."

Regarding all this, Jeff Mayweather states: "I think basically what it is, is he got exposed, totally exposed. He got exposed not only by getting beat by Floyd, he got exposed by lying - by lying about a damn injury that really didn't exist, because this same guy, every time he was fighting, his legs were cramping, he didn't hesitate to mention it."

Mayweather adds: "But the reality is this, he cheated the fans, in the sense he cheated the fans because he couldn't deliver what he said he was going deliver. It had nothing to do with a fake ass shoulder injury because you don't have a torn rotator cuff and never say nothing about it, and throw strong punches for 12 rounds. So basically all Floyd did was make a mockery of what he did."

"Of course it hurts his ego, like I said, this is the same guy who claims he is suppose to be so religious and reborn but yet everything that is coming out of his mouth, he's like somebody from the streets.


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