Are we even sure 50 Cent can Read? Because he sure can't Write!
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Are we even sure 50 Cent can Read? Because he sure can't Write!
By Johnny Benz, Doghouse Boxing (August 26, 2014)

50 Cent - Dr. Suess Parody - Cat in The Hat
Parody by icheehuahua, Doghouse Boxing Inc.
Many of us in the Boxing world do not know who 50 Cent the rapper is. If we know anything about him, it's due to boxing related facts such as he was once Floyd "Money" Mayweather Jr's best friend and sidekick, and these days is a fringe Boxing promoter working mostly in conjunction with (riding the coat tails of) Lou DiBella's DB Entertainment.

This week, 50, who's rap career peaked and crashed in the early 2000's and these days is best known in the music world as the guy who Kayne West trumped easily in record sales (effectively ending what shred of a music career 50 had left) - made public fun of Mayweather's reading ability. (Muhammad Ali was also made fun of his reading abilities early in his career). It was a low blow and a disgusting act from a former best friend.

The thing is this, to me, it might be better to not be such a great reader but prevail in boxing, whereas be someone who can read, but chooses to use his abilities to write some of the most damn awful stuff you've read.

Yes, I am talking about the lyrics found in any 50 Cent rap songs. Read some examples... And tell me, anyone who did buy his music wasn't some low I.Q. person...

In one song, 50 writes: "Chokes me, I'll have your mama picking out your casket, bastard I'm on the next level, bright ring bigot bezzle."

He starts off one song this way: "I really hate havin to resort To knockin elderly people in the head for they money! But I'll do it! I'll do it!"

In another one, he writes: "I ain't sh!tting these hoes, man I'm bout my paper If your bitch really bout it nigga I'm gon' take her Backseat of my jeep."

From another song: "Nah nigga I don't know who stabbed you, I don't know who shot you I don't know who cut you, I don't know who robbed you. But you think I know cause you know how my squad do." Or how about this one: "I'll put a dot on your f%cking head You'll end up in a hearse".

My guess is 50 thinks he is a poet with: "Bullet open your head make your brain a landmark."

Every song with 50's name attached to it is written in the same fashion. In fact, the stuff I posted above is rather tame compared to much of the filth 50 promotes. So maybe he can read... but he can not write! Writing gibberish that is profoundly stupid tells the world he doesn't understand what he is reading. He is not a very intelligent man, his lyrics and his pubic trashing of Mayweather is more than enough proof of that. 50 Cent represents those no-talents, waste of space, so-called celebrities that are popping all over the place like a Kato Kalin reject. He is just one small part of the dumbing-down of America. Read any lyrics in full to any of his songs and you'll walk away thinking the same thing... 50 Cent is Full On Retard!

If anything, society needs less 50 Shades of Crap and more inspirational stories such as Mayweather's.
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