Interviews w/ Floyd Mayweather & some guy w/ hurt feelings named Anderson Silva - Video
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Interviews w/ Floyd Mayweather & some guy w/ hurt feelings named Anderson Silva - Video
By Johnny Benz, Doghouse Boxing (Sept 9, 2013)

Floyd Mayweather with CBS SPorts Interview.
Press Play to Watch: CBS Interview w/ Floyd Mayweather & SWAY'S UNIVERSE Q&A w/ Anderson Silva.
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Has Anderson Silva been misinformed or is he just acting like a neglected child with his feelings hurt?! (Or is he just playing sour in order to snap up some headlines for his own much needed press...since perhaps outside of the UFC, no one really cares for, or knows much about Silva?)

So Boxing's pound for pound King and top paid athlete in the world doesn't know who in the hell UFC's 'Spider' Silva is... big deal! Get over it! Even the interviewer in this video comes to the defense of Mayweather when his guest, Anderson Silva pushes things overboard in his nonsensical tirade against 'Money'. (Big Ups to the Host for stepping up and defending Mayweather to Silva's face like that... press play to see what I am talking about.)

Anderson's beef does not make sense. Why? Watch the video - The first part of the video is an interview with Mayweather explaining (to CBS Sports) that he doesn't really know who Anderson Silva is.

Here are my thoughts. First it is obvious after watching the video, Silva doesn't know shit about boxing. Floyd 'Money' Mayweather Jr's life story is this generation's greatest boxing tale - BAR NONE. (Silva should know that by now). He truly went from rags to riches in the hardest sport to make a living in. His beginnings for the most part sucked... as his Father, Floyd Sr. and Uncles, Roger and Jeff have often stated in past interviews (No silver spoon in this kid's mouth when he was born!) "Money' Mayweather Jr. never had it easy. He has earned every ounce of fame and recognition. He created a vision for himself and forged his own path and brought with him the sport of boxing to a new level. He is also a humble champ, as he has for many year now held food drives (handing out turkeys annually to the needy, paying cab fare home for those less fortunate that show up at his food drives...just as examples)... He anonymously has paid for the funerals of many boxers (later revealed by thankful family members who spoke out on Mayweather's kindness of helping in their time of need). He is also a strong valued family man (have you ever seen any of his children out in public not sporting the famous "Mayweather Smile"?). I don't know what Anderson's beef is... his explanation that Mayweather doesn't fit the classic mold of what a boxing champ should be, just doesn't cut any mustard... it is misguided and false... he may feel snubbed by Mayweather's lack of acknowledgment... but it is not Maywether's job to follow up on UFC fighters or to even promote them for that matter. Anderson really needs to let it go and come to peace with the fact that the Boxing Champion of the world doesn't know who he is, and doesn't give a rat's ass for him.

This video - interview by CBS Sports with 'Money' Mayweather, then turns into Anderson Silva on SWAY'S UNIVERSE, has a play time of 4 minutes 4 seconds. Press play (on the video player to the left) and don't get your news, headlines and quotes stepped on... Get The Real Bite here on DoghouseBoxing.

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