Mayweather vs. Lady Jamaica: "Where's The Beef?!" - Is Mike Singer a CBS Sports Moron?
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Mayweather vs. Lady Jamaica: "Where's The Beef?!" - Is Mike Singer a CBS Sports Moron?
By Johnny Benz, Doghouse Boxing (Oct 2, 2014)

Floyd Mayweather
Floyd Mayweather
This article is to shame not only CBSSports, but also a writer for them, named Mike Singer... who obviously to me seems, he can not get people to read his crap without embellishing facts and making shock headlines. It's apparent to me, the bar for writing for CBS is very VERY low.

Now, here is my beef... I watched a video in which Floyd Mayweather and a lady in a Barber Shop have a fun verbal feud. You can watch the video here.

Now, in watching the video, it's very obvious this is fun between not only Mayweather, but also the pretty Lady. Singer for CBS Sports, posted the YouTube video within his article (the video was originally posted on YouTube by - however Singer went with his own spin: The title of his piece - "LOOK: Floyd Mayweather furious that woman doesn't recognize him"

He ends the piece with: "It's a pretty ugly scene for Mayweather, who can't keep himself out of the headlines these days."

Apparently Singer can't or doesn't want to let readers and viewers come to their own conclusion. I saw nothing ugly, I didn't see a "furious" Mayweather acting angry towards a Woman - as CBS's Singer has painted it.

Where is the Beef?! I watch the video, saw it for what it was -- a fun verbal joust between two adults who were actually enjoying the back and forth banter -- it was obvious! There was nothing particularly mean or degrading to women (as Singer seemed to push for with his CBS Blog.)

You know what would be awesome... if Floyd had Lady Jamaica be part of his ring walk entourage for his next fight. But better than that, if guys like Singer, could use their stage for responsible writing and journalism. He shouldn't try and insult his readers by telling them how to think... he only insults his own intelligence when he does that. But hey, if he feels his tactics are fair... well then in closing I ask you, the reader - Is Mike Singer a CBS Sports Moron?

It's no wonder why many do not trust mainstream media these days (if we can even call CBS Sports - mainstream).


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