Floyd Mayweather Sr. reveals who should be Fighter & Trainer of The Year
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Floyd Mayweather Sr. reveals who should be Fighter & Trainer of The Year
By Johnny Benz, Doghouse Boxing (Oct 31, 2013)

Video: Floyd Sr on the Fighter and Trainer of the Year.
"Little Floyd should be fighter of the year and I should be trainer of the year," says Floyd Mayweather Sr., adding: "My son is gifted and the Lord put me down here to show my son. I am the one who trained him all those years before he turned pro. I'm the one who told him 'One day you will be number one."

When it comes to any member of the famed Mayweather clan, no one in the family makes for a dull interview. Floyd 'Joy' Mayweather Sr. certainly is no exception to that rule.

In this brand new interview, once again Chris Robinson delivers the good like no one else can with this exclusive (video) sit down with Mayweather Sr.

Video Q&A Description: The dialogue continues between Floyd Mayweather Sr. and Chris Robinson, as the outspoken coach reflects back on the great year that he and his son Floyd had in 2013 while revealing whether or not they should go down as Fighter and Trainer of the Year.

This video chat between Robinson (HustleBoss.com) and Floyd Sr. has a run time of 4mins, 52secs. Press play and enjoy THE REAL BITE.

For more news on Floyd 'Joy' Mayweather Sr., and more hot new Q&A's by Robinson, visit the home page here at Doghouse Boxing.

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