MUST SEE! 4 Little Kids Go Hardcore to Support Manny Pacquiao / Philippines
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MUST SEE! 4 Little Kids Go Hardcore to Support Manny Pacquiao / Philippines
By Johnny Benz, Doghouse Boxing (Nov 9, 2013)

Music Video: Square1's "Manny Pacquiao WAGAYWAY"
We get a lot of videos sent to us here at Doghouse Boxing to share with our users, and we try to accommodate as many as we can. This latest video I got for you was just too good to pass up! Let me tell you now, be prepared to get blown away by 4 very talented young kids who certainly know how to rock out hard - and I mean hard (all sissy boy bands need to get schooled by this group!) - and they do it for the pride of the Philippines, Manny Pacquiao. When you first start watching this video, you'll smile at just how adorably cute these kids are... you really do not know what to expect.... and then when the music starts... it's unbelievable - they play their own instruments, sensational singing... and it's rock music at its best. I give them 5 stars out of 5 stars for this amazing performance. And although I don't speak or understand a lick of Philippines... the tune (music play and singing) nonetheless is super catchy! I promise this much... you are going love what you hear and see in this one! (Great video too!)

Video description: The video was sent to us from Kyle Jimenez @kylejimenez2005 - he is the Vocalist (in the video) of #Square1 Band... and they are known as 'The First Kid Rock Band in the Philippines'. "Manny Pacquiao WAGAYWAY Music Video". Square1 Band music video, dedicated to the boxing pride of the Philippines: "Manny Pacquiao".

This brand new music video: "Manny Pacquiao WAGAYWAY" performed by Square1, has a play time of 4mins, 38secs. Press play and enjoy.

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