Mike Tyson on why he bit Lennox Lewis & used his Fake Penis to hide the facts!
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Mike Tyson on why he bit Lennox Lewis & used his Fake Penis to hide the facts!
By Johnny Benz, Doghouse Boxing (Nov 13, 2013)

Mike Tyson's Autobigraphy Undisputed Truth - Book Cover
Tyson's new autobiography, 'The Undisputed Truth'
I admit, the title of this piece would be crazy if not for the fact that it starts off with the name Mike Tyson. We all remember the famous "bite" from the Mike Tyson vs. Evander Holyfield days, but we sometimes tend to forget that Tyson also used his choppers to take a chunk out of Lennox Lewis's thigh back in '02 during a melee at press conference leading up to their fight. These days Tyson, Holyfield and Lewis are all good friends, but Tyson took the meaning of "love bites" to a whole new level with his former foes.

In Tyson's new autobiography, 'The Undisputed Truth', he comes clean on why he bit Lewis... plain and simple... he was high on cocaine! In fact, Tyson admit he was high for many of his bouts, stating in his new book: "I was a full blown coke head!" So how did he cover it up? Get this.... Tyson used a fake penis to dispense someone else's clean urine to avoid detection during drug testing.

Tyson admits that just before his press conference with Lewis, he got high on cocaine. It was while he was high on coke that Tyson lost his mind and went into a rage. Regarding the incident, Tyson writes: "I lost my mind! I looked over at him (Lennox Lewis) and wanted to hit the motherf#$ker".

And talk about sheer Genius (or this case a 'Mad' Genius back in those days).... Tyson came up with his own brilliant idea of creating a fake penis he called the the 'whizzer'. A team member would bring the 'whizzer' to his fights. It would be loaded with someone else's clean urine and Tyson would use it to avoid detection during drug tests.
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