Paulie Malignaggi, You Sir, are full of Sh!t - Manny Pacquiao would slaughter you like a sacrificial lamb!
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Paulie Malignaggi, You Sir, are full of Sh!t - Manny Pacquiao would slaughter you like a sacrificial lamb!
By Johnny Benz, Doghouse Boxing (Dec 12, 2014)

When Paulie Malignaggi opens his mouth....
Parody by icheehuahua, Dog House Boxing Inc.
Image debut: Dec 12, 2014
You've heard the saying, "Opinions are like A-Holes... everybody's got one." Well I like to take it a step further and add to it: "Opinions are like A-Holes... everybody's got one - AND THEY ARE USUALLY FULL Of SHIT!" Now you can quote me on that and in the case of Paulie Malignaggi, my way of saying the above line is right on the money. Yes, Malignaggi has an opinion, but it is one that is full of sh!t. We've allowed motor-mouth Malignaggi his say with out calling him out on it for far too long... That ends now!

Recently our friends at the quoted Malignaggi - The kid who calls himself "The Magic Man" stated to scribe, Michael Woods: "Honestly, I would beat (Manny) Pacquiao right now, so imagine what Floyd (Mayweather) does to him." Malignaggi went on to add: "We are all entitled to our opinions, and at this point I feel I beat Manny Pacquiao too, so imagine if Floyd fights him. Keep in mind I've never come close to losing to any southpaw I've ever faced."

Now my opinions: In this generation of boxers, I've never seen a more over hyped boxer who under performs as often as Malignaggi. The kid couldn't punch his way out of a wet paper bag! To boldly say he could beat Pacquiao - well that is his opinion, one that is full of sh!t. No way, no how, even on his best day with the wind behind his back and a stick of dynamite up his arse could he handle Pacquiao. It's a fight not even worth the idea of making or - as the truth (not an opinion), Pacman would slaughter Malignaggi like he was a sacrificial lamb!

Malignaggi loves the sound of his own voice - even if it sounds like a scratched broken record. Put a sock in it Malignaggi... because your big mouth strikes out again!

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