Kell Brooks goes sour grapes over Amir Khan
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Kell Brooks goes sour grapes over Amir Khan
By Johnny Benz, Doghouse Boxing (Dec 15, 2014)

Manny Pacquiao - Floyd Mayweather - Amir Khan - Kell Brook
Manny Pacquiao - Floyd Mayweather - Amir Khan - Kell Brook
No one is saying that Amir Khan should overlook rival Kell Brook, but in terms of who is a bigger draw and what fights are more worthy, matching Khan with Floyd Mayweather or Manny Pacquiao is a way better route for Khan. Now everyone under the sun with the exception of Brook and perhaps his matchmaker Eddie Hearn, would agree with that. Pacman or Money are priorities for Khan, long before Brook.

Quoted on Sky Sports after Khan's 12 round unanimous destruction of Devon Alexander on Saturday night, Brook praised Khan's performance, stating: "It was a very good performance from Amir. He was too quick and too smart for Devon. Devon lost his confidence in the fight and Khan got into a rhythm early on."

From there, Brook turned to sour grapes, adding: "But I don't think he deserves that fight (with Mayweather). I've had to go the hard way and force a world title by being mandatory. He's had two fights at welterweight and he's trying to jump the queue. I want to hurt Khan and give the British public the fight they want to see."

This is boxing and the only person Brook is fooling with his statements to the publication is himself. Of course Khan should be jumping at Mayweather or Pacquiao - Brook has barely even made a name for himself in North America... whereas Khan is a household name in the homes of American boxing fans. So if Brook really thinks he has got his shot the hard way... then he should explain why he is a big nobody outside of England... and maybe work harder at changing that... much in the way Khan worked his ass off to be famed on both sides of the pond. Until then, Brook needs to stop riding Khan's coattails.

In boxing, mandatory are never certain or warranted... that's just the game and that is the case. No one would blame Khan for ignoring Brook (the fight will probably happen eventually)... not when there are much better tables to sit down at.


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