HBO President confirms Arum speaks truth - Pacquiao vs. Mayweather are in Talks...
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HBO President confirms Arum speaks truth - Pacquiao vs. Mayweather are in Talks...
By Johnny Benz, Doghouse Boxing (Dec 17, 2014)

HBO Sports President - Ken Hershman
- HBO Sports President - Ken Hershman -
Ken Hershman, HBO Sports' President confirms there are indeed conversations going between Team Manny Pacquiao (HBO) and Team Floyd Mayweather (SHOWTIME), but beyond that would not give much more detail. In a recent interview conducted by Chris Mannix for CNN SI (Sports Illustrated), Hershman spoke on a lot of topics - so of course you know the hot button issue of Mayweather vs. Pacquiao came up.

When asked by the publication if what TOP RANK promoter Bob Arum was saying regarding negotiations happening between the two camps was real or not? Hershman stated: "What’s real is that the fans want this fight. That is clear. The drumbeat is louder than ever. The fighters and certainly Manny has responded, and expressed his desire for the fight. There are conversations happening."

Hershman went on to add: "Where those (talks) go, I don’t know. This is a very complex set of issues and personalities and agendas that need to be sorted through. I can’t predict if this will happen or not. I understand all the rabid interest and I as a fan would love to see the fight as well. But there is nothing to report substantively. Frankly, what has to happen is the fighters and their camps have to come to some kind of agreement long before we are going to be involved."

So as we all probably expected, there is ongoing talks -and also as expected... a lot of crap to work through. Myself, I believe this is the last chance to make this fight happen. For certain, if both sides can't come to terms this time... it will never happen. This has to be The Last Chance Saloon.

The full interview with HBO's top dog, Hershman hits on many other topics in the hot world of boxing right now. The article is featured on our news wire on the homepage here at Doghouse - but here is a direct link to read the full story (Interview) on CNN SI: HBO's Ken Hershman discusses Floyd-Pac - Hershman is well spoken and always super interesting and Mannix does an excellent job with the questions. Enjoy!

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