Floyd Mayweather Jr speaks - What he wants from the News Media!
By Johnny Benz (Jan 24, 2011) Doghouse Boxing
After today's court appearance, Floyd "Money" Mayweather Jr. who was there for a preliminary hearing on 8 misdemeanor and felony charges over an alleged dispute with his ex-girlfriend and mother to his children, Josie Harris, left quickly. On leaving the premises, Mayweather was questioned by reporters, but only spoke very briefly and only after first refusing to speak with them.

At first "Money" Mayweather Jr. refused to speak with reporters, and walked past them, but he abrubtly turned around and stated he did want to say something to the press. Mayweather stated: "Yeah, I want to say something. When I'm feeding the homeless come interview me."

Mayweather went on to add: "When I'm going for kids that are less fortunate, that's when I want you to come interview me."

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