Oscar De La Hoya already Slapping some Manny Pacquiao Ass
The Hard Punch, views and opinions by Johnny Benz (Jan 29, 2007) Doghouse Boxing
One of the best hidden gems in online boxing reading material is the tail ends of Steve Kim's columns at MaxBoxing. I consistently get breaking news from his article and information usually not found for days elsewhere. In Kim's latest column, Kim reports that it looks like the bout between Manny Pacquiao and In-Jin Chi will not be televised on the big power house HBO network after all.

Quoted in Kim's column, Promoter Bob Arum who has basically said in the past the fight would be on HBO, clarified: "The fight is going to go on April 28th. We never said it would definitely be on HBO," Arum added: "We're talking with the Philippine network and we have reserved the 27th and the 28th on pay-per-view with InDemand, etc."

Kim in his column asks why wouldn't HBO televise this bout? The answer from Arum was that Oscar de La Hoya's promotional company, Golden Boy sent HBO a legal letter. That legal letter seems to have effectively slapped Pacquiao's ass from being seen on HBO.

"Golden Boy sent a legal letter to HBO and they may not want to be involved in the lawsuit," said Arum on Saturday night at the Honda Center in Anaheim.

My final "Johnny' on The Spot - Thoughts":

What can you say? Shot down in flames! Not being able to showcase your talents on HBO can only be seen as a step backwards for Pacquiao. There is much more to boxing than just the Philippine network. You can't be famous unless you are famous in America. Case in point, Pacquiao was a big nobody until he made it big in America. Perhaps Pacquiao is believing his over fluffed press from the Philippine Media, but he better start figuring out what's better for his career. In America, a hand shake is still a hand shake and a man's word is something he honors.... and better than all that is a signature on the bottom line. I don't know what kind of man Pacquiao is, but when he has two rival boxing promoters claiming they both have a legal contract with him.... well I myself can only wonder. To me it's a no brainer that the path Pacquaio seems to be choosing is going to be a long rough and bumpy road. And in America, unlike the Philippines, American fans are less forgiving and much less blind in their love for their sports hero. In America, the words have never rung truer that you can be here today and gone tomorrow.

Who knows what contract is legit, Arum's or De La Hoya's? At this point that is for a Court of law to figure out ... it's just too damn bad it seems Pacquaio is too stupid to figure it out for himself. Let's hope that Stupidity doesn't kill the Pac!

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