Boxing Trainer says Floyd Mayweather like Evil Kenevil Does if for the "Motherf@#king Money"
By Johnny Benz, Doghouse Boxing (Feb 3, 2011) Doghouse Boxing
In a recent interview conducted by Chris Robinson for Boxing Scene, Roger Mayweather spoke out on many topics. Roger who is the Uncle and trainer for Floyd Mayweather Jr., spoke out on his nephew's passion to fight.

Make no mistake, Mayweather Jr's passions to fight revolves around the greatest motivator of all... Money.

Roger tells the online publication: "He (Floyd Jr.) got passion to get that money don't he? Then he got a passion to fight. Money is the motivation to all things. Not just one thing, money is the motivation to all things."

Roger went on to further explain, adding: "Why do you think Evil Kenevil jumped on that motorcycle and jumped over that fire? Why? Because he was getting paid a bunch of motherf@#king money. For a guy to do that? What's the motivation? Money is the key to all things. That's it."

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