News Flash! Floyd Mayweather Jr loves Money and Tacos - Now Serving # 958,321!
By Johnny Benz, Doghouse Boxing (Feb 17, 2011) Doghouse Boxing 
News Flash! Floyd Mayweather Jr. loves the "Money"! In a latest update on "Money" Mayweather's official Twitter page, the background image has been updated to reflect his love for, you guessed it... Money! 100 U.S. Dollar bills are raining everywhere on the background of Mayweather's page. It will make you feel special.

Also on Mayweather's page, the Manny Pacquiao vs Erik Morales - The Pacman gets beat YouTube Video, plus some of his recent gambling victories and a pic of his personal chef and the Tacos she made for the Family. Yes folks, visit Mayweather's twitter page... we are talking fun for the whole family!

In other official Mayweather related news, as of my last visit, Mayweather had 958,321 twitter followers. That number is freaking amazing!

So Am I serious? Well, to be honest... I just have nothing better to report to you on Mayweather. I truly wish I did. I was kind of hoping his twitter page which is on fire with tons of people following it, would offer me something more. I don't know what to say.... but those Tacos sure did look good... and the money shots sure made me feel poor. I am not mad or bitter (Mayweather is awesome and he can play it whichever way he wants it)... I am just having a little fun with this.

Go "Money" Mayweather! You tell the world, Man! It's raining Tacos and 100 Dollar Bills!

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