Mike Tyson goes Crazy on Film Critic - NEW MUST SEE VIDEO
By Johnny Benz, Doghouse Boxing (Feb 24, 2011) Doghouse Boxing 
Let's face it, over the years Mike Tyson has not been the easiest guy to interview. Its not very often I laugh when I watch any video interview, but film critic, Leonard Maltin's sit down with Mike Tyson had me buckled over in laughter.

In this brand new video provided on this page, Maltin interviews Tyson on the Oscars. (See below for the video).

Does Tyson rage in the video. Oh Hell yes! What can I say!? There are just way too many parts for me to talk about, but rather than do that... I prefer you just watch the video.

The video has a run time of 4 minutes and 40 seconds. I am willing to bet you'll watch it all... and that is good because there you'll be rewarded with a little something extra from Tyson's movie.

All I can say is press play on the video. If ever there was a "must-see" Interview... this is the one. You'll thank me!


Just so there is no fine print between us... I will warn you, there is some strong language in the video, so don't bust open the volume around the kids.

In closing, I just want to say... Damn, I love Mike Tyson... Best Interview EVER!


Please Scroll down for the Video!

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