Evander Holyfield has something to say to David Haye
By Johnny Benz (March 3, 2008) Doghouse Boxing  
David Haye is set to take on Enzo Maccarinelli this Sunday, March 9th. In a recent interview with Inside Sport, the former heavyweight Champion of the world, Evander Holyfield had words of caution for Haye. Haye has plans to gain some weight and move uto the heavyweight after his fight with Maccarinelli. In his interview with Inside Sport, Holyfield warns that Haye should not try and gain too much weight when when he moves up to the Heavyweight division.

Speaking to Inside Sport, Holyfield warned Haye, saying ""Weight doesn't make you a bigger puncher. If he is not careful, he will get too heavy."

Holyfield also spoke on what his plans are in the Heavyweight divison. He may fight Mike Tyson in a 3rd match, but isn't looking to fight any og the younger fighters.

Ruling out a fight with Haye or Maccarinelli, Holyfield stated: "At this point of time, I'd rather fight someone I've seen before and seen when I was champion."

Holyfield added: "I'm not going to start going after the young guys. If I do that, I'll never retire."

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