Manny Pacquiao vs Floyd Mayweather - The Official Johnny Benz Twitter War! ROUND 1
By Johnny Benz, Doghouse Boxing (March 3, 2011) Doghouse Boxing
Now that both Floyd "Money" Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao have official Twitter pages, I thought for fun I'd check out and compare twitter "Followers" stats from both sides. That's right, I am calling it "The Johnny Benz Twitter War" (Because I am on the drug, Charlie Sheen :).

Here is how I did the breakdown. On Feb 28th I posted both Mayweather's and Pacquiao's twitter account stats (in regards to how many followers they had) in separate articles.

Here is the article I wrote on Pacquiao's stats four days ago: CLICK Here. (Opens in new window)


Four days ago (Feb 28) Pacquiao had 12,432 followers. Not bad at all considering his page had only been up a mere 6 days, he was averaging around 2000 new followers a day. Now Today (March 3), as the last time I checked, Pacquiao had amassed 15,721 (See Top Photo on this page). That gives him a total of 3289 new followers with an average 822.25 new followers over the four day period.

It looks like things have slowed down over at Pacquiao's site. C'mon Pacquiao fans... we can do better than this. Somone please call up the good folks in the Philippines and let them now about my twitter war!

For the Article on Mayweather's stats from 4 days ago: CLICK Here (Opens in new window)


Four days ago, Mayweather's twitter account had a total of 981,789. Since Mayweather's twitter site has been up longer, I am only comparing his last four days against Pacquiao's last four days. As of the last time I checked today (March 4th - See 2nd photo from top) Mayweather now has a new total of 1,002,684 twitter followers. Over four days Mayweather has secured a whopping 20,895 new twitter followers. That gives Mayweather an average of 5223.75 new sign-ups a day over the four day period.

Final stats:
From Feb 28 to March 3

Pacquiao picked up 3289 new followers for an average of 822.25 per day.
Mayweather picked up 20,895 new followers for an average of 5223.75 per day.

Over the last four day period, Mayweather averaged daily 4401.5 more new followers over Pacquiao giving Mayweather 17,606 more twitter sign-ups over Pacquiao.

Round One goes to Mayweather! So if this was a twitter war (which I, Johnny Benz of Doghouse Boxing is officially making it one), Mayweather follwers have seriously landed a serious thumping on Pacquiao followers. I will follow up in a few days and see if the power has shifted. So for now, here is link to Pacquiao's official twitter page: CLICK Here and Mayweather's Official Twitter page CLICK Here. Rock the boat and sign up for one or both (If you haven't already.) I will report on new stats in a few days... So come on Pacquiao fans, lets light the fire back up and Mayweather fans keep up the great work in support going.

In closing: For the record, I am a twitter follower for both sides. I enjoy immensely both Pacquiao and Mayweather for their ring accomplishments and I am very glad to be part of their twitter communities.

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