Stone Cold Steve Austin and Ricky Hatton Team up; Both Speak - WWE meets Boxing
By Johnny Benz (March 17, 2008) Doghouse Boxing  
In a recent interview conducted by Simon Rothstein for the Sun UK, Wrestling legend Stone Cold Steve Austin teamed up with Ricky Hatton to get some boxing tips from Hatton. Stone Cold Steve Austin visited the Manchester gym where Hatton trains at and gave Hatton WWE tag team title belts for him and his 8 year old son, Campbell.

Austin told Hatton that he has started some boxing training back in Los Angeles, but due to some wrestling injuries he can not throw punches properly. Quoted by the Sun, Austin stated: "I’ve started taking some boxing lessons in Los
Angeles. I’m trying to learn the skills. I grew up in Texas and we didn’t have any kind of individualised training like this." Austin went on to add: "But my jab is real weak and this arm doesn’t straighten out, because of wrestling injuries, so I haven’t got a whole lot of reach."

What many fans of boxing may have not known is that Hatton also has problems throwing straight punches. After hearing about Austin's problem, Hatton made a confession of his own, stating:"I have the same problem. My elbows don’t go out straight. That’s why in my way of fighting everything is really a hook."

Hatton says he is utilizing physio to try and get an edge over his problem. Hatton feels the physio is making an improvement.

"I can throw straight, but for some reason my arms just don’t quite go out. So I’m going to physio and having them slowly but surely stretched to try and get that little bit extra."

Listening to Hatton's tips on punching, Austin admitted: "I’m thinking of adopting your style there."

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