Ricky Hatton praises Floyd Mayweather Jr and cracks a Joke Too
By Johnny Benz (March 18, 2008) Doghouse Boxing  
In a recent interview with Simon Rothstein for the Sun Uk, Ricky Hatton discussed Floyd Mayweather Jr's new stint into the WWE. Mayweather Jr is set to squarre off against a 400 pound wrestling giant that goes by the name of "Big Show," at this year's WrestleMania. The Sun reports that sources related to boxing have stated that Hatton was also offered a huge sum of money to perform at WrestleMania, but he told The Sun publication: "I’m not tempted."

Hatton added to the comment: "The thought of fighting someone 7ft tall and over 400lb - well rather Floyd than me."

Hatton known for his great sense of humor, even made a joke at his own expense, saying: "Although he might have got a rough idea of that weight difference if he fought me when I was out of training!"

Although Hatton lost to Mayweather this past December, he seems to hold no ill will against Mayweather and went as far as to praise him. Hatton went on to praise Mayweather Jr., stating: "But fair play to him. Floyd is the best pound for pound fighter in the world and very quick. Big Show may have a massive height and weight advantage, but he’s got to catch him first."

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