Yahoo goes Yahoo for Manny Pacquiao vs Juan Manuel Marquez the Rematch
By Johnny Benz (March 19, 2008) Doghouse Boxing  
This past Saturday Yahoo recognized the Manny Pacquiao vs Juan Manuel Marquez Rematch by making the fights outcome the Featured story on their home page. That's translates to huge publicity for our sport. For those of you not in the know, is the Internet's most trafficked homepage. When many people fire up their computers and open their web browsers, the start page for them is

Unfortunately it is very rare to see Boxing take the top spot on, so when you do see giving Boxing the attention it take note.

In order to get the top spot on Yahoo, it has to be a hot topic. So for Pacquiao vs Marquez II
to make it to the top, a big reason is for the support is from Boxing Fans. People doing searches on the fight and the websites they visit that promote the sport, helped propel the fight to a hot topic on

Boxing has been growing strong over the last few years, and the internet has been a huge part of the reason. It's great to see a powerhouse such as giving kudos to our sport. It's that kind of support that can only help our sport even further.

Now if we could only get Boxing promoters to do more, rather than just rely on us websites to do the hard work for them.

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