Joe Calzaghe Disses Bernard Hopkins and Team
By Johnny Benz (March 20, 2008) Doghouse Boxing  
Joe Calzaghe fears no man, especially Bernard Hopkins. Calzaghe is so focused on giving Hopkins a beating, that the Welsh fighter believes no one can save Hopkins. Hopkins has his team, which he calls an 'Execution Squad' working on his upcoming fight against Calzaghe on April 19.

Calzaghe is not the least bit worried about the so-called 'Execution Squad' , which includes the hired help of Freddie Roach, Nazim Richardson, John David Jackson and Mackie Shilstone.

Quoted by the Sun UK, Calzaghe dissed Hopkins and his team, stating: "I thought Ol' Popkins was going to reveal he had brought in Nasa, the US Army and the ER team to help him out."

Although Calzaghe is not the least bit worried, he is certain that Hopkins is. "Does it worry me? Of course not. It's the old cliche but it will just be me and him in the ring on the night," said Calzaghe, adding: "The fact he has all these people working with him tells you something — he is worried about me.

Calzaghe remains strong and will not fall for any of Hopkins' crap: "I'm a strong character and my own man. I'm not going to fall for his bull."

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