Steve Forbes reacts quickly after Floyd Mayweather Jr threatens to Fire Uncle Roger
By Johnny Benz (March 21, 2008) Doghouse Boxing  
Yesterday Floyd Mayweather Jr. made his distaste for his Uncle Roger Mayweather training Steve Forbes public. Mayweather Jr. demanded that his Uncle who is also his lng time trainer to drop Forbes. Roger was set to train Forbes for his upcoming battle against Oscar De La Hoya for May 3rd.

A few hours after Floyd's message to his Uncle was made public, Forbes didn't wait for Roger to quit. Forbes is now replacing Roger with another Mayweather. Jeff Mayweather will now be in charge of Forbes training for
De La Hoya.

When Forbes heard about Floyd's wishes to have Roger quit training hims, Forbes to no time in deciding to replace Roger with Jeff.

Quoted by the Associated Press, Forbes' promoter, Jeff Wald stated: "Steve's a pro, and it doesn't bother him," Wald added: "He respects the Mayweather family, and he's trained with all three brothers, so it's not going to be a problem."

Had Roger remained Forbes' trainer, Floyd was willing to do something many never thought he would, ask his estranged father, Floyd Sr. to train him. Floyd Sr. is De La Hoya's trainer, and Floyd Jr. stated: "I may have to pay my dad more than Oscar is paying him."

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