Floyd Mayweather Jr sends a Warning to Ricky Hatton
By Johnny Benz (March 21, 2008) Doghouse Boxing  
Floyd Mayweather Jr is not ruling out a rematch with Oscar De La Hoya and also Ricky Hatton. Quoted by the Sun Uk, Mayweather revealed he might in fact give Hatton a rematch, but Mayweather went on to warn that Hatton will never be able to beat him.

Quoted by The Sun in regards to a possible rematch with Hatton, Mayweather stated: "A rematch is possible. All you Brits would love to see it because you want your man to have a victory."

Mayweather went on to warn: "But if we did fight again he can’t win. Never ever." Mayweather added: "He could have won every round but it doesn’t matter because once I hit him with the showstopper it was all she wrote."

Mayweather knows he holds all the cards and if he decides to fight a rematch with Hatton, then he will call all the shots. "If we do fight again then guess what - we’ll be going wherever Floyd Mayweather wants to. Floyd Mayweather calls the shots."

Mayweather returns to action at WrestleMania 24 on March 30. Mayweather will be pitted against "Big Show," a 440 pound giant.

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