Bizarre Article on Ricky Hatton
By Johnny Benz (March 23, 2008) Doghouse Boxing  
In a recent column called "Bizarre" penned by Gordon Smart for the Sun Uk, Smart caught up with Ricky Hatton and discussed the topic of music. Fans of the popular boxer might be interested to know that Hatton is a huge fan of famed Manchester band, "Oasis". Hatton also has a liking for Bands such as "Stone Roses" and "Happy Mondays". Hatton utilizes music from these bands when training for fights.

Speaking to Smart for his "Bizarre" column, Hatton said: "When I’m training I listen to Manchester bands like

Hatton also confided to Smart that "Oasis" awhile back had actually invited him to a concert that they played at the City of Manchester Stadium. Due to an unforunate circumstance, Hatton already had a trip booked on that date and admitted that it left him heartbroken.

Hatton tells Smart: "Then during the gig my phone kept ringing and people were saying, ‘You’ll never believe it, Liam (Lead singer for Oasis) just dedicated a song to you." Hatton then said the whole stadium went up and it left him gutted.

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