Mayweather Sr speaks: Dump Oscar De La Hoya to train Floyd Mayweather Jr?
By Johnny Benz (March 24, 2008) Doghouse Boxing  
Late last week in a press conference, Floyd Mayweather Jr. made it public his discontent with his Uncle and Trainer Roger Mayweather. Mayweather Jr is upset that his Uncle is training Steve Forbes for his upcoming battle with Oscar De La Hoya on May 3rd. Mayweather Jr is hoping to fight De la Hoya in a rematch this September and feels that his Uncle being in Forbes' corner is a conflict of interest... especially since a victory by Forbes could jeopardized Mayweather Jr's rematch plans with De La Hoya. Instead of telling his Uncle privately that it was either drop Forbes or hit the highway, Mayweather
Jr. let his Uncle know his feelings on the matter through the Media. Not only did Mayweather Jr. threaten to fire his Uncle, but he also threatened to replace his Uncle with his estranged Father, Floyd Mayweather Sr. Mayweather Jr. said he'd be willing to pay his father more money than De la Hoya is paying him.

So the Million Dollar question has been, would Mayweather Sr. drop De La Hoya to train his son? Speaking exclusively to MaxBoxing, Mayweather Sr. told boxing scribe Steve Kim that wasn't having any of it.

Mayweather Sr. tells MaxBoxing: "My son did everything that a kid can do to a father. He can kick me out the house that I was paying for. He told a lie that I wasn't paying the mortgage. I wouldn't ever do that to my own kid. I was paying the mortgage, never missed paying the mortgage. He gave me a van- took the van back.

Mayweather Sr. added in regards to the treatment he has received from his own Son: "He has done so many things, man, I can't even think about what he
did as a son to a father. I don't want to go back."

Mayweather Sr. re-affirmed to MaxBoxing his commitment to De La Hoya, saying: "That's who I'm working for, that's who done paid all my bills since I've been to Vegas. Oscar's the one that made me a wealthy man, not Floyd." Mayweather Sr. added: "Oscar's looking good and Oscar's the one I'm going to train. I'm not thinking about training little Floyd, no way, no fashion, anyway. It wouldn't make no difference."

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