Floyd Mayweather Jr blows off Boxing and says: "Nothing bigger than the WWE, nothing"
By Johnny Benz (March 27, 2008) Doghouse Boxing  
Last night on CNN's Larry King Live, viewers were treated to an interesting hour with the Athletic Stars of this year's WWE Wrestlemania. Promoter and Owner Vince McMahon, Big Show, Triple H, Jerhico and Floyd Mayweather Jr. sat in with King to provide an in-depth look at what to expect at Wrestlemania.

Mayweather Jr. on Larry King Live stated that his fight with Big Show is not planned and that everyone needs to tune into Wrestlemania to see how it plays out. Mayweather Jr. stated: "This one is not planned. That's
why whoever is watching, they must watch Wrestlemania 24, because you can't miss this one. This one is not planned."

King asked Mayweather Jr. when did he plan on Boxing again? Mayweather responded to the question, stating: "Probably sometime in September."

King then asked if Wrestling won't be a factor in his training for boxing: King asked: "Wouldn't this take away from that? If you were training, wouldn't this interrupt training?"

Mayweather Jr. answered King's question by seeming to blow off Boxing, the sport that made him famous, in favor of the WWE. Mayweather Jr. answerd the question with: "There's nothing bigger than the WWE, nothing."

Vince McMahon then jumped in, saying the Boxing world is upset of Mayweather Jr's participation in Wrestlemania. McMahon stated: The boxing world is very upset about this whole thing. They are upset because Floyd is
willing to take this kind of risk. If he fights again in September, that's great if he's 100 percent. But if there's even an accident, you know, and a 450-pound man falls on top of you, you can break a bone. You could get messed up.

McMahon then dissed the whole Boxing world for being upset that Mayweather is an independent thinker: "Again, the whole boxing world is really upset because Floyd is an independent thinker, and is willing to take a risk, which is one of the things you'll not find in any athlete today."

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