Floyd Mayweather Jr tells Larry King he may Quit Boxing for WWE Wrestling
By Johnny Benz (March 27, 2008) Doghouse Boxing  
Last night Floyd Mayweather Jr. alongside other Stars from WWE Wrestling were on CNN's Larry King Live. Mayweather Jr. with Promoter and Owner Vince McMahon, Big Show, Triple H and Chris Jerhico sat in with King to discuss what fans can expect from this year's Wrestlemania 24.

Mayweather Jr. bragged on Larry King's program that he made the Sport of Boxing huge. Mayweather Jr stated on the program: "I think it's more like with boxing, they must realize, I made
the sport of boxing huge. Not just big, huge. And last year, 3.5 million in two fights, 3.5 million homes. At gates, I grossed in over 30 million. And so total -- with the total pot grossing last year, with the network, which is Time Warner/HBO, grossed probably 300 million."

After stating that he made Boxing huge, King asked Mayweather Jr.: "In view of all of that, aren't you the least bit worried, career worried, about taking a risk like this?" Mayweather Jr. responded to King's question with: "Is the risk worth the reward? Absolutely. Absolutely." King then asked Mayweather Jr. what he was making for his stint in the WWE. Mayweather Jr. told King he was making 20 Million. A shocked King then asked McMahon if he was paying Mayweather Jr. 20 million.

McMahon didn't confirm that $20 million is the sum Mayweather Jr. is making, but said he wouldn't be surprised if Mayweather Jr. received that much and indicated it would be well worth the money. McMahon stated: I wouldn't be surprised if he gets 20 million dollars. But it will be worth every nickel of it."

After McMahon spoke, Mayweather Jr. then stated he might dump Boxing and stay in the WWE. Mayweather Jr. declared on King's show: "It's possible I could be here to stay. I may not go back to boxing. It all depends."

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