Floyd Mayweather says he's an American citizen & what Manny Pacquiao should do!
By Johnny Benz, Doghouse Boxing (March 28, 2011) Doghouse Boxing
Floyd Mayweather Jr wants the people in America to stand behind him and wants Manny Pacquiao to adhere to strict Drug testing should the two ever clash. In a recent interview with "ESPN Chicago with the Afternoon Saloon", Mayweather stated as much.

In regards to a possible showdown with Pacquiao, "Money" Mayweather Jr. stated: "The thing is this I’m an American citizen and I represent this country with the red, white, and blue. The only thing I want is the people in my country to stand behind me. I’m in my own country and I have a lot of people against me. Our country is a great country, it’s a clean country, and all I ask him to do is take the test, that’s it."

So is it that simple? Strict drug testing and the fight is on? Mayweather seems to feels so, adding: "He takes the test and we got a fight."

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