Opinion: Puerto Rico Boxing Commission throws Juan Manuel Lopez under the Bus
By Johnny Benz, Doghouse Boxing (April 3, 2012) Doghouse Boxing
Juan Manuel Lopez
By Johnny Benz, Doghouse Boxing - You know when you take punches to the head, and then say something stupid afterwards... there really should be forgiveness. This is not case for Juan Manuel Lopez. After a brutal war last month with Orlando Salido, Lopez who lost the battle by technical knockout, accused referee Roberto Ramirez of betting on the fight. Ok, that wasn't cool or fair to Ref Ramirez, but Lopez quickly changed his tune and asked for forgiveness for what he said. For his part Lopez doesn't recall what he said or how he even acted after his bout with Salido until he saw a video of himself the day after the incident.

Puerto Rico's Professional Boxing Commission, should have weighed things better in my opinion because the punishment is beyond reasonable.  Remember, the words getting Lopez in hot water came after taking repeated punches to the head and that he apologized rather rapidly after the fact.

So on Tuesday, The Puerto Rico Boxing Commission in my opinion went way overboard with what I consider is not a reasonable punishment.   According to reports (Associated Press), Lopez has been ordered to cough up a $10,000 fine and provide 100 hours of community service.  WTF!  Community service!... and a $10,000 fine! I just do not think it's fair... He (Lopez) apologized and said those things after his brain was rattled for all our enjoyment.  If the punishment wasn't enough, the Commission also suspended him for one year! Yes, community service, a huge fine and suspended with no way to earn money in a boxing ring for a year!

My Final Two Cents...

In my opinion Lopez was thrown unfairly under the bus by the Commission. I think the Commission should really re-evaluate their ruling. Lopez has 20 days to appeal... and he should. I believe he doesn't need to give community service, nor pay a fine and certainly doesn't deserve a 1 year ban. He should have been let off with a warning... and do it again, then we can talk a punishment. C'mon Commission...wake up! I wonder, did they take a bunch of punches to the head to make such a silly ruling? I mean, Lopez has a legitimate excuse...

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