Oscar De La Hoya disses Bob Arum and gets a Drag Queen Bitch Slap in Return!
By Johnny Benz, Doghouse Boxing (June 15, 2012) Doghouse Boxing
Oscar disses Arum
Ryan gives Oscar sound advice.
Oscar does not like Ryan's advice.
Ryan's rebuttal to being called an idiot.
By Johnny Benz, Doghouse Boxing. - Recently, on his official twitter page, Oscar De La Hoya took the time to once again lay into rival Boxing Promoter, Bob Arum. De La Hoya's Golden Boy promotions and Bob Arum's Top Rank are boxing's version of the Hatfields and McCoys. And yes, the story often gets ugly... like this latest from De La Hoya...

In a recent tweet, over the Manny Pacquiao vs. Timothy Bradley's controversial fight (a ppv fight promoted by Arum), De La Hoya went hard with his dissing of Arum, tweeting: "I am convinced bob arum and his top stank are really trying to ruin the sport. He's 90 what does he care?! Don't worry. #goldenboy #rescue."

First... OUCH. Top Stank! 90 years old?! Trying to ruin the sport?! Doesn't care?!

Well, one could almost wonder if De La Hoya didn't go a little overboard with that one? A little emotional... perhaps someone could mistake that for jealousy?... Opps wait, yep... someone has already taken it for jealousy...

Enter, RyanRules99, some regular dude out of Vancouver, Canada, who is a self described Dog lover and Sports fan with 17 twitter followers to his credit. The little David (RyanRules99) stood up to the Goliath (Oscar De La Hoya) and threw his rock by tweeting: "@OscarDeLaHoya You sound jealous of Arum as a promoter. Stop bashing him 24/7 and lead by example."

First... WOW. Sound Jealous! Stop bashing!? Lead by example!?

Actually, that kind of sounds reasonable. Right? WRONG! Oh hell no... not to De La Hoya!

De La Hoya on his twitter page fires back at RyanRules99 (Because let's face it.... how dare this Ryan dude, who loves dogs and sports and has 17 followers on twitter, be reasonable with some solid advice for De La Hoya!?).

Blasting back, De La Hoya shares on the twitter-sphere: "@RyanRules99 you idiot why would I be jealous of a guy who is trying to ruin boxing?"

OUCH!  Ryan is an Idiot! You get the sense that De La Hoya is going to snap... perhaps send Ryan a cease and desist legal letter?! Or maybe he will buy twitter and then Ring-Out and fire Ryan's ass from his cozy job of writing tweets to his 17 followers! De La Hoya will control this situation! Right?!

Well up till this point, De La Hoya had shared all the banter with his 386,905 twitter followers, but for some reason, after calling Ryan an idiot, De La Hoya opted not to share Ryan's rebuttal. So Ryan, the Dog and Sports loving Canadian was forced to share his response to De La Hoya calling him an idiot to only his 17 followers. Ryan's follow up post to being called an idiot: "@OscarDeLaHoya Now your back to name calling ? You guys that dress in drag sure got a temper."

OUCH... YOU GUYS THAT DRESS IN DRAG! Talk about stereotyping. Take that for a Drag Queen of a bitch slap! :)

Now keep in mind that you will not find a bigger supporter of De La Hoya on the net than me... I got a million and a half articles putting him in a positive light... but hey, in this case! Too bad De La Hoya didn't share Ryan's rebuttal to his twitter followers. Ryan deserved to have his say after being called an idiot for posting some reasonable advice. Thankfully, this is the net... so although it was only shared with 17 of Ryan's followers... it was posted on a public forum (twitter) where it has the potential to be seen by the whole world.  And from there, you never know... maybe it makes it's way onto one of the largest Boxing websites in an article written by Johnny Benz, who shares it with his readers and his readers share it with..... well, you get the picture.

The lesson...

It's one thing to rip Arum... even if it was distasteful, I can accept it... however, treating fans like shit (on twitter or anywhere) is not cool (even if they say something to trigger a reaction).  For Oscar or anyone else who is letting their ego get the best of them... Don't try stomping on the little guy...because the internet is run and controlled by the little people... and some of us little ones are a hell of a lot BIGGER than you think or want to give credit too.

C'mon Oscar... you are better than that!

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