How much Mike Tyson's Autograph costs & Manny Pacquiao by the Numbers
By Johnny Benz, Doghouse Boxing (Aug 11, 2011) Doghouse Boxing
Mike Tyson
By Johnny Benz, Doghouse Boxing. What's a name worth? If your name is Mike Tyson, the dude formerly known as "The Baddest Man on the Planet", then you can get some decent cash for your autograph.

On Sunday in Chicago at the National Sports Collectors Convention, delighted Fans lined and eagerly waited to get autographs from Mike Tyson.

Fans of the legend were all more than happy to dish out $150.00 apiece for Tyson's John Hancock of an autograph on their flat items. It cost $200.00 to have Tyson put his signature on gloves and $250.00 for his autograph to be placed on a robe.

Fans who wanted a picture with Tyson dished out $150.00. According a report out by CNBC over 100 people paid to have their photo taken with Tyson.

Hey not bad money for a little odd job on a Sunday! I am glad to see Tyson cashing in on his name and I strongly believe the fans who paid money for their little piece of the legend all got a super sweet deal. Had I been in Chicago... I would have gladly been in that line with the other fans!

Manny Pacquiao by the numbers...

Switching to another name, one that I am sure will get big dollar for his signature (after retirement) is Manny Pacquiao. This week Pacquiao has been ranking high in popularity, Boxing ranks and event the music charts.

The latest Ring Magazine Pound For Pound Ranks is out this week and if you guessed Pacquiao takes the top spot once again, than you are correct. Ranked number one in Boxing, Pacquiao also ranked as high as number 3 on Thursday's Yahoo Top 10 trending (popularity) list. Manny Pacquiao ranks high on's Top Trend List Number one in Boxing, number 3 in internet popularity and not to be out done... cracks the top 10 charts in music at number 7! Pacquiao Cracks the Top-10 with Dan Hill’s “Sometimes When We Touch” Read about it here: Manny Pacquiao's song heads for the top 5

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