Floyd Mayweather Jr finally speaks out on Law Suit filed by Bank over Car Payments
By Johnny Benz (Sept 17, 2009) DoghouseBoxing  
Reports out in the media the week indicated that Floyd Mayweather Jr. is facing a law suit by a Bank for what the Bank claims was default on a $9,000 monthly payment for an ultra luxurious 2007 Mercedes Maybach 57S.

Mayweather Jr. who has kept quiet on the matter, is finally talking about the financial situation with the Bank being owed money. Quoted by David Mayo of the Grand Rapids Press, Mayweather Jr. stated he turned over 2 cars, including the Mercedes Maybach 57S to a dealer for resale.

Mayweather Jr. also stated that at the time he handed the 2 cars over for resale, he also gave the dealer around $300,000 to cover any remaining balance.

Quoted by the Grand Rapids Press, Mayweather Jr. stated: "Today I found out that he (dealer) never got rid of the cars."

Mayweather Jr. went on to add that his guess is that the dealer pocketed the money and he knew nothing about it. "I guess he pocketed the money. So then they come to me, talking about, 'Hey, Floyd's getting sued by a bank.' I didn't know nothing about it," stated Mayweather Jr.

Mercedes Maybach 57S in question, has since has been repossessed. The Bank's law suit is for an outstanding balance of $167,000.

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