Another 4 Predictions on Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Juan Manuel Marquez
By Johnny Benz (Sept 17, 2009) DoghouseBoxing  
This Saturday at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Floyd Mayweather Jr. makes his return to the ring to face off against Juan Manuel Marquez. It's a fight you won't want to miss and you can catch all the action live on HBO Pay-Per-View starting at 9pm ET/6pm PT. Check your local cable or satellite provider for more details.

As Saturday night quickly approaches, now is a great time to get some predictions on the fight. DogPound members (members of our forum) have been giving us some great predictions.

Below are just a few more predictions on the fight from DogPounders. Enjoy! Also provided below are links to more predictions and the thread in which you can also post your own prediction!

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delroy02 predicts:
Mayweather TKO9 too big for Marquez.

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Willikn writes:
Marquez has been regularly painted and hurt by the likes of Barrera, Juan Diaz, and of course Pacqiuao. He is quite simply too easy to hit and hurt at this stage of his career. Not the time to leap a few weight classes and face the most skilled, not to mention biggest fighter on his resume.

Hand picked opponent for a hand picked result. Brutal one sided victory over a HOF name well beyond his prime age or weight class.

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csrighthook predicts:
Floyd by KO in 6. Floyd batters him and JMM goes for broke, JMM then gets knocked out for his effort.

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crafty writes:
Hand picked opponent for a predictible outcome resulting in another "risk averse, showcase my skills" type of bout. The undersized, overblown featherweight JMM will be too slow with the added weight, and have less stamina at the higher weight for the bigger, younger and stronger PBF. PBF probably ko's JMM or gives him a good beating. Let's hope PBF fights Cotto if they both win, or Shane, or Paul Williams at 154, but PBF might "retire" until another lucrative bout with another pint sized opponent materializes.

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