UFC 103 already beating crap out of Floyd Mayweather Jr on Yahoo - See Top 10 Now!
By Johnny Benz (Sept 19, 2009) DoghouseBoxing  
Tonight UFC and Boxing go head to head. In Boxing, at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada, Floyd Mayweather Jr. takes on Juan Manuel Marquez. For the UFC, in Dallas, Texas at the American Airlines Center, Rich Franklin faces off against Vitor Belfort.

Both Boxing and UFC are offering solid fights for entertainment and both are competing for tonight's Pay-Per-View revenue. So who is going to beat out who? Will the UFC outsell Boxing, or the other way around?

Yahoo.com is a great indication to find out who (Boxing or UFC) is the most popular so far today. The UFC 103 is number 3 on Yahoo's Top searches for today, and Floyd Mayweather Jr ranks in at number 8. (See top 10 photo on this page)

So out of the gate it looks like the UFC is already taking a commanding lead over Boxing. One must take into consideration however that no fighter's on the UFC 103 has thier name in the top 10 searches. UFC the sport as a whole is taking up the 3rd spot, while Floyd Mayweather Jr. on his own stands at number 8 (and that is impressive). The names Rich Franklin and Vitor Belfort do not make the top 10.

So who is leading Today? I honestly have to go with the UFC. Spot number 3 is very impressive, but I am not lost on the fact is that Mayweather's name makes the list at 8, while no UFC fighter's name made the list.

Either way, for both sports to make the top 10 on Yahoo's searches for Today... Tonight Boxing and the UFC are off to a great start!

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