Joe Calzaghe the Fireman? Calzaghe set to become a Fireman and fight Fires?
By Johnny Benz, Doghouse Boxing (Sept 26, 2008)  
Joe Calzaghe is getting set for what could be his last fight in the boxing ring. On November 8 at Madison Square Garden, Calzaghe takes his unbeaten record against Roy Jones Jr.

If Calzaghe does retire after his bout with Jones Jr., chances are that Calzaghe who has made tons of money in Boxing, will not need to work to pay the bills. If there is a job that Calzaghe might be interested in, perhaps it is becomining a fireman.

According to a brief report out today by Gavin Glickman of The Sun Uk, Calzaghe has been learning how to tackle fire blazes at Abercarn fire station in South Wales.

Is becoming a Fireman in the near future for Calzaghe? Who knows... but one thing is for certain! He'll have one hell of a five alarm fire to extinguish when he faces off against Roy Jones Jr., in New York.

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