Paulie Malignaggi disses Ricky Hatton and Floyd Mayweather
By Johnny Benz, Doghouse Boxing (Oct 9, 2008) (Photo © Everlast)  
Things are heating up nicely between Paulie Malignaggi and Ricky Hatton. The two are set to meet in what is shaping up to be an explosive event on November 22nd at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Ahead of the clash, Malignaggi is holding back no punches, blasting Hatton and his new choice for Floyd Mayweather Sr. as his trainer.

Quoted on SportingLife UK, Malignaggi believes there will be a lot of pressure on both Hatton and Mayweather.
Malignaggi stated: "Floyd Mayweather Sr is putting himself in a tough situation and putting a lot of pressure on Hatton." Malignaggi added: "You can't teach dogs new tricks."

Malignaggi went on to diss Hatton for not having the talent or natural ability to conform to Mayweather's training inside two months. "He can teach him a few things in two months but Hatton doesn't have the talent, natural speed and defensive ability," stated Malignaggi, adding: "Mayweather's been opening his mouth and when I beat Hatton, everybody is going to say he shouldn't have gotten rid of his trainer and blame Mayweather."

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