Roy Jones Jr on Bernard Hopkins, James Toney, Training and folks from Pensacola
By Johnny Benz, DoghouseBoxing (Oct 21, 2008)  
In an article published on ESPN and penned by Boxing great Roy Jones Jr., Jones Jr. gives fans a personal update on his training camp. Jones Jr. who has made a great living in boxing by forging a stellar career, often has done all that is needed of him inside the ring, but he has lacked often outside of the ring. Jones Jr. has been famous for not being too much involved in the promotions of his fight. This time around, that does not seem to be the case, as Jones Jr. is hitting the campaign trail like he was Barack O'Bama. I for one am enjoying Jones Jr's renewed interest in promoting fights he is involved with.

Jones Jr. faces of against another living legend in Joe Calzaghe this coming November 8th only on HBO-PPV. If you have a pulse on that date...then you'll be tuning into this one.

In Jones Jr's recent column at ESPN, Jones Jr. discussed why he did not choose his home base of Pensacola Florida for training camp but instead is training in California, Pa., about 45 minutes southeast of Pittsburgh. Jones Jr writes: "I've usually trained in my hometown of Pensacola, Fla., but I decided to go away to train for this fight like I used to do early in my career."

Jones Jr. went on to explain on ESPN: "When I fought Bernard Hopkins, I trained in Las Vegas. When I fought James Toney, I trained in Great Gorge, N.J. Later in my career I stopped, but it's always better for me to get away. Going away helps me get my mind right and helps me better handle the task at hand. It gives me more time to focus on myself and not the everyday issues that come up at home."

Jones Jr. added: "When I go away, I go to sleep earlier and get more rest. There's not too much to do up here, so you train. The people up here don't know me like the people in Pensacola, but they're the nicest people. They respect me and give me my space to do my thing and I enjoy being here."

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