Prince Naseem Hamed disses David Haye vs Audley Harrison
By Johnny Benz (Nov 18, 2010) Doghouse Boxing
Prince Naseem Hamed who is coming back to Boxing, this time as a fight manager, believes the sport is dying. In a recent interview conducted by the BBC, Hamed discussed why he feels the sport needs help.

"I don't see no more characters in boxing," said Hamed to the BBC, adding: "I don't see no more performers, I just don't see much drama in the game. I remember the nights and fight week when I was fighting and it was just an amazing electrifying buzz around each city that I fought in, and people couldn't wait for such an event. It was an event... you know an unbelievable entrance, you know music, like a concert and then great knockouts. Right now there is not much happening at all."

To illustrate his point Hamed went on use last weekend's farce in which David Haye blasted Audley Harrison out in 3 rounds, as an example to what is hurting the sport. Dissing the fight as a one of the biggest disappointments in the sport, Hamed stated: "We've just supposedly seen one of the biggest Heavyweight Britain clashes in Mr. Haye and Mr. Harrison, and it was one of the biggest disappointments in boxing. Its just sad to see."

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