Riddick Bowe speaks out (Unfairly?) on Lennox Lewis & Mike Tyson...
By Johnny Benz, Doghouse Boxing (Dec 8, 2011) Doghouse Boxing
Riddick Bowe
By Johnny Benz, Doghouse Boxing - In a recent interview, Riddick Bowe, who is planning a heavyweight boxing comeback in 2012, spoke out on many topics, including Mike Tyson and Lennox Lewis. As amateurs,  Bowe lost to Lennox in the 1988 Seoul Olympic Super Heavyweight Final.  You can see the video of their fight on this page (below). As a pro, Bowe never faced Lewis.  Many felt that as a pro, Bowe was ducking Lewis.  Bowe however has a different take on it and says it was Lewis who was avoiding him.

In a recent interview with Boxing Tribune, Bowe was asked: Do you wish now that you would have fought Tyson and Lewis?

Bowe told the online publication: "I would have loved to fight them, but let’s go back to [Lewis], he ducked me any way he could.  I mean he knew, with me being champion, I’m not gonna give him [a] 50-50 [split], you know what I mean?  So he used that as an escape.  He knew he couldn’t whoop me so he just avoided me the best way he could."

Regarding Tyson, Bowe went on to add: "But anyway, I know Mike was a great fighter, but you gotta remember a big guy that could move with a good left hand could give him a lot of trouble and that’s the kind of fight I don’t think he’d wanna be in."

I don't want to judge Bowe's opinions (it is after all his opinions, which he is entitled too)... but Ì recall in the 90's many fans adopted the nickname "Chicken" Bowe over his reluctance to face Lewis. They did not call Lewis "Chicken", just Bowe.  Also to say Lewis knew he couldn't "whoop" him, seems like a shallow creek of deception... I mean if you watch the video of their Olympic amateur fight on this page... Lewis looks anything but scared... in fact Lewis looks like a guy who is on the verge of totally destroying Bowe within two rounds, but Bowe was saved by the ref.  I am in the belief that Lewis always had Bowe's number and that is the only reason that I believe Bowe never faced Lennox as a pro.  I know father-time lets facts change and perception... but I think Bowe is only kidding himself with his remarks regarding Lewis.

As for his remarks on Tyson.  I will say for a big guy, Bowe was an excellent inside fighter... but Tyson was much better in the inside, and Bowe never showed anything remotely close to the punching power Tyson had (or Lewis for that matter).  Though we can only speculate... I see no way in the early 90's that a prepared Bowe could defeat a prepared Tyson.  No way, no how!  However, with the video on this page showing Bowe vs Lewis... it is pretty easy to say without just speculating that Lewis was the better fighter... and that is pretty hard for Bowe to argue... all considering it is Lewis who owns the Olympic Gold medal... not him.

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