Oscar De La Hoya on his Dog, his displeasure with Robert DeNiro... Plus Boxing, Pacquiao, Mayweather and more!
By Johnny Benz (Jan 18, 2011) Doghouse Boxing
What kind of dog would Oscar De La Hoya own? A cute one. Thanks to Twitter, I can follow a lot of boxers and learn things about them. Sure, a lot of it really is stuff I don't really care about... yet, it's still nice to find out personal things about them.

For example, here is something that obviously really isn't worth writing about in regards to Oscar De La Hoya, but I think it's cool (because it shows a different side.) The picture on this page was recently posted by Oscar De La Hoya on his Twitter page. Yep, that's De La Hoya's Dog. De La Hoya shared the pic with his twitter followers and simply stated: "she's 3 1/2 pounds wet."

Thankfully, there is a lot more on his twitter page than a dog pic. In the last 24 hrs or so, here are some of the comments De La Hoya posted on his twitter page:

- Friday I'm doing a press conference at the mercadito in east Los. With Canelo to announce his fight on HBO march 5th

- Meeting with Juan Marquez Thursday trying to get Marquez morales for April 9 (war until someone hits the floor)

- Marquez morales is a great fight that can be big and you know Marquez will fight hard like always

- (Tweet to Jennifer Lopez) @JLo hey you guys happy new year from Millie and the little ones tell mark I want the rematch at the golf course.

- I didn't appreciate that Robert deniro joke about the mexicans at the golden globes.

- There is no doubt in my mind mayweather beats paquiao.styles make fights.

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