Oscar De La Hoya on who he thinks will Win Calzaghe vs Hopkins
By Johnny Benz (March 2, 2008) Doghouse Boxing  
Oscar De La Hoya is picking Bernard Hopkins to defeat Joe Calzaghe when the two are pitted together on April 19 in Las Vegas. De La Hoya feels if there is one man who could frustrate. De La Hoya feels Hopkins' patience will play a key role.

Quoted by the BBC Sport, De La Hoya stated: "If there's one guy who can frustrate Calzaghe and
take him out of his game plan that's Hopkins."

De La Hoya explained: "He's patient, and he doesn't care if he waits for you all night until you make a mistake.

"That's why I just have this feeling that Hopkins can pull it off."

De la Hoya feels that Calzaghe's best weapon is his ability to throw a high volume of punches, something he feels Hopkins will be able to sort out inside the ring. "When you're at distance from him he throws good solid punches but Hopkins is a smart fighter and I think Hopkins is going to figure him out," stated De La Hoya.

De La Hoya added: "The concern is the punch rate but Hopkins said it best - the more punches he's going to throw, the more he's going to be exposed."

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