Roy Jones Jr speaks on Vitali Klitschko's Dream
By Johnny Benz (May 7, 2008) Doghouse Boxing  
Vitali Klitschko's next goal is not related to boxing but rather Politics. Klitschko's next fight is to become the mayor of Kiev, Ukraine. In regards to this goal, another Boxer, Roy Jones Jr. is quoted by Vincent M. Mallozzi of the New York Times, giving his opinion on Klitschko's dream. Roy Jones Jr. supports Klitschko, feeling the move from the Boxing ring to Politics is “a beautiful idea.”

Jones Jr. stated: “If a movie star can be the governor of California (Arnold Schwartznegger), why can’t a
boxer be the mayor of Kiev?”

Jones Jr. then stated that Klitschko’s experience in Boxing was a good stepping stone to jump into Pollitics. Jones Jr. quoted by the NY Times, said: “Vitali is a very smart guy. And I’m sure he is studying his opponents, as well as the problems of the people he wants to represent, which will make him as successful in politics as he is in the ring.”

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